Joseph Stiglitz: Economics Must Address Wealth and Income Inequality

Posted by Yves Smith – Naked Capitalism

This interview with Joseph Stiglitz is pretty subversive for a talk with a Serious Economist. Stiglitz doesn’t simply talk about the problem of inequality, but the drivers that most mainstream economists choose to ignore, such as the rise of monopoly/oligopoly power, worker exploitation, and how central banks have allowed banks to engage increasingly in speculative rather than productive lending.

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The Sad Future of Our Planet

By Roberto Savio*

ROME, Dec 15 2014 – It is now official: the current inter-governmental system is not able to act in the interest of humankind.

The U.N. Climate Change Conference in Lima – which ended on Dec. 14, two days after it was scheduled to close – was the last step before the next Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015, where a global agreement must be found.

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Hungary: progress needed on media freedom, anti-discrimination measures and migrants’ rights

Commissioner’s Office for Human Rights – Council of Europe

Strasbourg, 16/12/2014 – “Hungary shouldbetter ensure media freedom, combat widespread intolerance and discrimination, and improve the protection of the human rights of migrants” said today Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, while releasing a report based on the findings of his July visit to Hungary.

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To Fight Ebola, Cuba Is Sending Its Biggest Export – Doctors

By Benny Avni – Newsweek

“They were trying to get us to do the best job we could. We were told that this is very good income for the country,” said a Cuban doctor we’ll call Dr. Jose Suarez, describing instructions from his government as he prepared, five years ago, to leave Cuba for Venezuela. There he was to join up in his nation’s most prestigious, most successful and most lucrative enterprise: its physician-export industry.

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Is Racial Justice Possible in America?

David Dante Troutt – The Nation

We need law and policing reform, but first we have to want to end state-sanctioned violence against African-Americans.

As the countless protests, tear gas, National Guard deployments and looting proved, police brutality provokes more anger than other outrages because it’s the supreme violation of our individual rights in a democracy.

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Necropolitical Capitalism and Ayotzinapa

By Luis Arizmendi – Truthout | Op-Ed

Ayotzinapa evokes Auschwitz. This powerful formulation, expressed by Elena Poniatowska, states a parallel that is not an allegory. It should not be taken lightly. Ayotzinapa is not simply Ayotzinapa; it is the window to an era. It reveals, in all its horror, in the murder of 43 college students, the new configuration that is traversing Mexico: necropolítical capitalism. It discloses the politics of death as the basis for accelerated and decadent forms of accumulation by dispossession. Ayotzinapa has awakened a peculiar protest: the first national struggle against necropolítical capitalism.

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Noam Chomsky Talks US Militarism and Capitalism, at Home and Abroad

By Laura Flanders – Truthout


In Syria and Iraq, the “US sledgehammer” of war is having its usual effect says professor and author Noam Chomsky in his latest appearance on “The Laura Flanders Show”:

“The US bombings are, in the usual and predictable way, eliciting anger from the civilians that were under attack. They don’t like ISIS. They hate it, but they don’t want to be attacked by American bombs.”

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Nuclear States Face Barrage of Criticism in Vienna

By Jamshed Baruah

VIENNA, Dec 10 2014 (IPS) – Sarcastic laughter erupted when a civil society representative expressed his “admiration for the delegate of the United States, who with one insensitive, ill-timed, inappropriate and diplomatically inept intervention” had “managed to dispel the considerable goodwill the U.S. had garnered by its decision to participate” in Vienna Conference on Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons.

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Lima climate talks: South American diplomats hopeful of progress on deal

Jonathan Watts – The Guardian

Regional powers like Brazil and Peru see themselves as key facilitators for Paris deal, but critics say they should also take bold action on emissions domestically

South American diplomats expect to make progress towards a global climate deal at this week’s UN talks in Lima, despite growing criticism from NGOs that governments in the region are backtracking on pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.

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Russia’s tough rhetoric over Ukraine does not tell the whole story

Simon Tisdall- The Guardian

While Moscow appears publicly defiant, behind the scenes there are efforts to find a way out of the crisis

An angry claim by Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, that the US and its allies are plotting regime change in Russia is further evidence that the east-west standoff over Ukraine is hardening. But the public rhetoric does not entirely square with behind-the-scenes manoeuvring to find a way out of the crisis.

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“Indigenous Peoples Are the Owners of the Land” Say Activists at COP20

By Milagros Salazar

LIMA, Dec 2014 (IPS) – The clamor of indigenous peoples for recognition of their ancestral lands resounded among the delegates of 195 countries at the climate summit taking place in the Peruvian capital. “I want my land…that’s where I live and eat, and it’s where my saintly grandparents lie,” Diana Ríos shouted with rage.

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The Suicide of Europe

By Roberto Savio*

Rome, Dec (IPS) The fact that in a referendum Switzerland has taken a path that is opposite that of Europe is an unusual fact which calls for reflection, especially because Switzerland has taken a much more progressive path, while we all were accustomed to see it as a very conservative country.

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