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Foundation “Audacity in the name of Humanity”

Sep 5 2018

Why are you invited?

As human being inhabitant of the Earth you are invited to act against the commodification and privatization of any life form.

All human beings do not have to beg for the recognition of their rights and dignity to the actual world rulers such as market and multinational companies.

The legitimate source of power belongs to human beings, peoples and humanity.

In the real democracy, power is spread everywhere and shared by anybody. In the real society of the rights and justice, every human being can inhabit any place of the world. There are no clandestines on earth, nor second or third class inhabitants.

Humanity needs to organize itself in order to exist as primary actor of self-regulation in the common living on a global scale and take on the responsibility for the lives of and on the Earth. We invite you to share the experiences of the wounded humanity and the new growing one relying on the solid utopian belief that it is possible to think of and give birth to a happier and just future for humanity, any man and woman and all living creatures.

The citizens and peoples of the Earth no longer participate in the decisions concerning the future of life and humanity. The little democracy attained until the 80s is only a memory. The future of the world is left to the arbitrariness and domination of an ever-shrinking circle of powerful social groups and private bearers fighting for their interests and enrichment (“America First”, “Britain First”, “China First,” “Italy First”). The rights of the people and their communities are denied and humanity is crumbling to pieces In this year 2018 we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. – The inhabitants of the Earth have to reclaim the strength of life, freedom and justice they have conquered through the rights so far. – They have to equip themselves with the institutions and the means to rule their common future on a pluralistic, cooperative and participative basis starting from the “local” communities.

Security of existence and living well together are a collective and global affair. For this purpose, a group of Europeans recently joined by other people coming from Europe and other countries like Latin America, North America, Africa and Asia, have launched the Action Program “Audacity in the name of humanity” in December 2017. Its objective is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens on the necessity and urgency to recognize humanity as a key player in the political, economic and social regulation worldwide. Only humanity, as such, can speak and act effectively to change the world in the interest and safeguard of the life on earth and all its inhabitants (including all living species). In this context, the first action started is the Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth (AHT).

The Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth. Purpose

It is part of a long journey for the inhabitants of the Earth to create new stories for the present and the future. Steps in this direction are numerous and diverse around the world, proving the great variety of the individual and collective creativity. Our step is part of the paths of uprising, resistance and building alternatives to the dominant trends. We do not think that the priority is to address the actual world rulers asking them to be less predatory, less warlike, less exclusionary and more “human”.

Our bet is audacity.

We have in mind three audacities above all:

  1. To ban war once and for all
  2. To declare illegal the structural factors generating impoverishment and exclusion in the world
  3. To eradicate the current predatory and speculative financial system

The Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth: two major aims

– The first one: to contribute to the building process of humanity by examining and developing new horizons to change the future and, to this end, to approve a “Chart of Humanity. Towards A Pact of Humanity”. The Chart will recall the great values declared and lived by humankind to this day and will express the visions and concrete utopias of the inhabitants of the Earth aiming to make them true. In particular, it will seek to set up a Security Council of the World Public Commons. At a time when a “common good” can become private, it is fundamental that public goods and public interests are safeguarded for life;

– The second one: to launch the initiative “Inhabitant of the Earth – World Identity Card” promoted by a network of Municipalities (or Local Communities) of the various continents that will deliver to their inhabitants a World Identity Card as “Inhabitant of the Earth”. This Card will have no formal legal value and cannot be considered a new form of passport. The Card will have a symbolic, human and social value. Through this Card, Municipalities will recognize that all human beings, rooted in their innumerable places (oikos) on earth, are Inhabitants of the City-Earth and hence members of the same “human community” before and beyond being Chinese, Brazilian, Finnish, Greek, Tunisian, Kazakh, Japanese, Senegalese, Colombian, Hungarian, American, Russian, Argentine, English, French, Ugandan, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Australian, Romanian, German, Malian, Indian, Iranian, Quebecois …

– Program of the Agora (general scheme)

December 13th – Arrival of participants 18:00 Opening. Festive event on the theme “The revolt of the inhabitants of the Earth. Beyond inequality and theft of life”. This could give voice and visibility to artists and experiences regarded as “peripheral”.

December 14th – Day focused on the “Chart of Humanity. Towards a Pact of Humanity” Morning: plenary session (selection of topics, reports by the groups that have already worked before the Agora, choice of the fields of analysis and action, formation of the groups that will work in depth) Afternoon: parallel sessions. Evening: areas dedicated to music, films and shows.

 December 15th Morning: plenary session, closing of the work on the Chart of Humanity Afternoon: focus on the initiative “Inhabitant of the Earth” First part plenary session Second part and parallel sessions Evening: free December 16th Morning: plenary session focused on the first tracks “Towards a pact of humanity” 13.30 – 16.30 Lunch and closing party of the Agora on the theme “Humanity under construction. The contract of fraternity”. Foundation “Audacity in the name of Humanity”

Practical organizational aspects

Sezano is a small village on the Veronese hills of Valpantena, just a few kilometres from Verona. Here is located the Monastery of the Stimmatini, which is called Monastery for the Common Good because it has become the seat of the activities of the University for the Common Good and other events related to the theme of sharing, solidarity, peace, rights and protection of the living environment.

The activities of the Agora will be held at the Monastery of the Common Good (http:// monasterodelbenecomune.blogspot.com/) where we can also organize the planned cultural and artistic activities (see programme below).

The working languages will be Spanish, Catalan, French and English. As far as accommodation is concerned there is a wide availability of single, double or triple rooms with bathroom both in the Monastery for the Common Good and in the community of the Stimmatini, as well as in nearby hotels that will be connected to the place of the Agora by ad hoc transport.

The prices for accommodation (brekfast included) are: 55 Euro in single room 45 Euro in double or triple room Meals cost 6 Euro each We kindly request a contribution to the costs of 20 Euro

Travel expenses shall be borne by each participant. We will try to create a solidarity fund and a sponsorship fund to partially support, if possible, the participation of young activists from Africa, Latin America and Asia, in collaboration with the members of the Committee of Agora Promoters, as listed below.

Composition of the Agora Promoters Committee (as of July 15, 2018)

Africa (Guido Barbera, Jean-Pierre Wauquier); Germany (Francesco Comina, Genny Losurdo); Argentina (Anibal Faccendini); Asia (Francine Mestrum, Siddartha, Fireflies); Belgium (Fabienne Minsart and Alain Adriaens), Brazil (Marcelo Barros, Marcos Arruda,); Chile (Luis Infanti de la Mora); Spain (Charles Ruiz), Catalonia (Rinaldo Muscolino); France (Corinne Ducrey); International in general (Joao Caraça, Henri-Claude de Bettignies, Curzio Maltese, Rinaldo Muscolino, Riccardo Petrella, Roberto Savio, Patrick Viveret); Italy (Paola Libanti, Paolo Cacciari,); (Quebec (Raphael Canet, Carrminda Mac Lorin), Tunisia (Domenico Rizzuti);

Contacts and registration:

secretariat.audace@gmail.com (Paola Libanti, Riccardo Petrella) press.agora18@gmail.com (Francesco Comina, Genny Losurdo) website: https://audacia-umanita.blogspot.com Facebook-Groups: L’agorà degli abitanti della Terra

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