How the ultra-rich could save the world, if they wanted to, in 22 pictures and charts

How the ultra rich could save the world, if they wanted to, in 22 pictures anc charts from Jeremy Leggett Recent compilations of wealth show staggering record inequality, and miniscule engagement by the richest in socially-responsible investment. This presentation explores … Continue reading

Climate change will reshape the world’s agricultural trade

Luciana Porfirio, David Newth, John Finnigan (*) – The Conversation (**) Ending world hunger is a central aspiration of modern society. To address this challenge – along with expanding agricultural land and intensifying crop yields – we rely on global … Continue reading

“Global Citizen from Gulmi: My Journey from the Hills of Nepal to the Halls of the United Nations”

by Kul Chandra Gautam (nepa-laya, Kathmandu, 2018) Book review by Valerie Julliand, UN Resident Coordinator in Nepal Kul Chandra Gautam’s extraordinary memoir resonates on so many levels, depending on one’s perspective. I trekked through its more than 500 pages as … Continue reading

Trump’s anti-Palestinian agenda will ultimately hurt Israel

BY ISHAAN THAROOR* – The Washington Post The U.N. Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA, has tended to the needs of Palestinian refugees for nearly seven decades. But if President Trump has his way, it will soon be out of … Continue reading

A Journey From a Nepali Village to the Upper Ranks of UNICEF

By Sir Arthur Richard Jolly BRIGHTON, UK, Aug 28 2018 (IPS) – Kul Gautam’s memoir is everything which one hopes for from a good biography. There are difficulties all along the way, obstacles and challenges overcome and a vision pursued with … Continue reading

Has Globalization Enhanced Development Cooperation?

By Jomo Kwame Sundaram* KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 2018 (IPS) – Protracted economic stagnation in rich countries continues to threaten the development prospects of poorer countries. Globalization and economic liberalization over the last few decades have integrated developing countries into … Continue reading

U.S. Congress Votes to Roll Back Dodd-Frank Regulations as Banks Make Record Profits

By Nicole Goodkind * – Newsweek t’s been a good year for financial companies. U.S. Banks profited by a record breaking $56 billion during the first quarter of 2018, up 27.5 percent from the year prior, because of tax cuts and … Continue reading

On growth and equality, two trajectories

by Gerry Rodgers* – Indian Express Inequality has figured prominently in Brazil’s economic reforms. India’s liberalisation regime focused on removing poverty, but strains caused by inequalities are sharpening. Thirty years ago, income distribution in India was regarded as relatively equal, at least … Continue reading