Charter of Principles

OtherNews is an association of people interested in global affairs with a capacity to interpret global events and processes. This obviously opens a forum for a multiplicity of different angles of observation, points of view and analyses, which encourages dialogue and reflection. This multiplicity must, however, be based on shared values so that dialogue and reflection prove productive. OtherNews intends to open up a space broad enough to include the highest possible number of participants, while excluding certain positions considered incompatible with the sensibilities of the vast majority of its members and readers. In this context, the following is our Charter of Principles:

OtherNews Charter of Principles

1) OtherNews is an open, transparent, participative space for the deepening of knowledge and reflection, and for democratic debate, giving a voice to the values of peace, cooperation and human dignity.

2) OtherNews is an instrument at the service of democracy, dialogue and participation, and rejects content and contributions that aim to generate conflicts based on religious or political beliefs, breach of social values, fundamentalist positions or instigation to conflict.

3) OtherNews considers human rights, respect for the law and multilateralism the fundamental elements of international relations.

4) OtherNews will not distribute material that incites violence, hatred, ethnic supremacy, xenophobia, reactionary populism or nationalism.

5) OtherNews takes a stand in the struggle to protect the planet and against the anthropocentric vision of nature.

6) OtherNews supports gender equality and protects women’s dignity, recognising women as an equal part of society, one of its distinctive elements.

7) OtherNews rejects the practices and theories of imperialism and colonialism and any theory that sees one social group or nation or alliance of nations seeking to gain an advantage or impose domination on others.

8) OtherNews does not support economic theories and practices that do not place people and citizens at the centre of society and that see in finance and the unregulated market the instruments to support democracy.

9) OtherNews advocates a vision of society at national and international level based on solidarity, social justice and the capacity of citizens to participate in shared, institutional, public options.

10) OtherNews seeks to give space to issues, people and processes that reflect the richness and diversity of our planet.