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We are pleased to present you the first ON publication “Remembering Jim Grant: Champion for Children”, an online edition of the book dedicated to Jim Grant, the great visionary who saved 25 million children. A different time, a time of hope and commitment, comes alive through those who met and worked with him. This has been made possible by the work of several people, many of them working pro bono.

This initiative was in no way a commercial venture, which is why we are distributing the book in English free of charge here, and asking all of you to circulate it as widely as possible. We are also considering a printed version for publishing before summer.

However, we have had to sustain translation, editing and layout costs. Therefore, any donation to recover at least part of these costs would be appreciated, also because this would help give the initiative a broader sense of ownership. We will send an audited report on costs and donations to all donors. In the very unlikely event that there is a surplus, we will decide together with the donors how to use it, always in Jim’s memory and in line with his vision. Please bear in mind that OtherNews is a not-for-profit organisation, registered in Rome.

Your donations are welcome at:

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Unicredit Bank, Via del Corso A (30070), Rome, Italy

Thank for your attention, and I hope you enjoy the book on Jim Grant!

Roberto Savio

Copies for tablets and smart phones are also available here: