Route to Accord Laid Out, Construction Another Matter By Gustavo Capdevila GENEVA, Aug (IPS) – The general lines are drawn for the negotiations to take place among the WTO’s 146 member states next month in Cancun, Mexico. But pending is… Continue Reading

Heir to the holocaust

Prescott Bush, 1.5 million dollars, and Auschwitz: How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust By Toby Rogers While the Enron scandal currently unfolds, another Bush family business scandal lurks beneath the shadows of history that may… Continue Reading

Spotlight on the Media

By Brian Thomson* GENEVA, Aug 26 (IPS) – The international media community would be right to feel somewhat confused over the role it should play at the upcoming World Summit on the Information Society. Should journalists be there as reporters,… Continue Reading

World Forum on Communication Rights

This introduces a proposal to hold a one-day World Forum on Communication Rights alongside the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in December 2003. The CRIS campaign (Communication Rights in the Information Society: www.crisinfo.org) is launching the initiative as… Continue Reading

Rural Convention Of Middle America

Agreements Of The Iii Encuentro Campesino Mesoamericano Tegucigalpa, Honduras The three Rural Conventions of Middle America that have been held so far (Tapachula, Managua and Tegucigalpa), have each represented a breakthrough in support, representation, participation, and wealth of proposals. We… Continue Reading

Murky Business in Oil

By Miren Gutierrez* ROME, Aug 20 (IPS) – Transparency is not one of oil’s properties; corruption seems to rise to its surface wherever it is found. Is oil intrinsically dirty? “Oil rents have tended to impede democratisation and have sustained… Continue Reading

U.S. Stuffs Jails, Minorities First

By Katrin Dauenhauer WASHINGTON, Aug (IPS) – About one in three African American males in the United States can be expected to be jailed during their lifetime, according to a Justice Department report released Sunday. One in six Latinos and… Continue Reading

Glaciers Disappearing Fast

By Gustavo González – Tierramérica* SANTIAGO, Aug (IPS) – Glaciers around the world are disappearing more quickly than initially thought, and global warming is believed to be the culprit. The deglaciation phenomenon — while most intense in Antarctica — is… Continue Reading

Making money in the post-war

Massive Military Contractor Makes Media Mess Analysis – By Katrin Dauenhauer and Jim Lobe WASHINGTON, Aug (IPS) – It is no secret that U.S. defence and construction companies — particularly those with close ties to the administration of President George… Continue Reading