Hutton Inquiry

Days of judgment Leader Friday September 26, 2003 The Guardian Every so often comes an inquiry or an account that shapes what a whole society knows about an entire subject: examples range from Edwin Chadwick’s research on Victorian factory conditions… Continue Reading

U.N. Reform When?

By Haider Rizvi UNITED NATIONS, Sep (IPS) – When the World Trade Organisation (WTO) met in Mexico recently, a group of developing countries refused to be taken for granted by the rich industrialised nations that control the body, sending a… Continue Reading

India, Pakistan Back to Sabre Rattling

Commentary – By Praful Bidwai NEW DELHI, Sep (IPS) – South Asian nuclear rivals India and Pakistan have again crossed swords and revived their barely-suppressed mutual hostility through verbal duels between Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and President Gen Pervez… Continue Reading

Information Society

3rd Prepcom for UN Summit on Information Society: Human rights concerns at the forefront Sally Burch ALAI, Geneva, September 17, 2003. Stronger recognition and guarantees for Human Rights, and particularly communication rights, are one of the central concerns of civil… Continue Reading

Cancun failure: Africa showed the way

Devinder Sharma Amidst a lot of drama, the WTO Cancun Ministerial has failed. The underdogs of economic development – the African block – have bailed out the developing world from being economically robbed. And, once again, the countries which have… Continue Reading

Lula and the Argentine signal

Atilio Boron Brazil is facing a critical situation in its history: a party from the left has come to government with a widespread popular legitimacy, crystallising the hopes of the large national majority which yearns for a radical change to… Continue Reading

Struggling to Get Money to Make Money

By James Hall SOUTHERN AFRICA, Sept 20 (IPS) – Seeking to create home-grown business people, but lacking in the millions of dollars and years of experience needed to create large companies, African countries have sought to empower small and medium… Continue Reading