A New Beginning for WTO After Cancun

By Mark Ritchie and Kristin Dawkins | October 2003 Forget the spin you have been reading about the “failureâ€? of the World Trade Organization meet-ing in Cancun. It was one of the most successful international meetings in years because it… Continue Reading

War in Iraq, revolution in America

International Affairs 79, 7 (2003) 1037-1043 STROBE TALBOTT* * This is a revised text of the sixth John Whitehead Lecture delivered by Strobe Talbott at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House on 9 October 2003. As always with… Continue Reading

Letter from Palestine

Dear friends, I would like to write you today to reassure you that there are still some Palestinians alive, and that the siege and closure is not long, it is only three years since it started, and Israel only destroyed… Continue Reading

Nuclear Weapons

No uranium, no munitions, no missiles, no programmes As the first progress report from the Iraq Survey Group is released, Cambridge WMD expert Dr Glen Rangwala finds that even the diluted claims made for Saddam Hussein’s arsenal don’t stand up… Continue Reading


A Year Later, Ethnic Koreans Bear Brunt of Suspicion By Suvendrini Kakuchi TOKYO, Oct (IPS) – While Tokyo marks the first anniversary this month of the return of five kidnapped Japanese nationals from Pyongyang, Chong Hyon Suk, an ethnic Korean… Continue Reading

Dominance and its Dilemmas

Noam Chomsky The past year has been a momentous one in world affairs. In the normal rhythm, the pattern was set in September, a month marked by several important and closely related events. The most powerful state in history announced… Continue Reading

EU Must Change, says Ex-Premier

By Stefania Bianchi BRUSSELS, Oct (IPS) The European Union must change in order to bridge the North-South divide, a top official says in a report. Institutions such as the European Union (EU), the United Nations(UN), the World Bank and the… Continue Reading

Mexican immigrants

A grim gamble Mexican immigrants bet their lives they can make it across the U.S. border through the blazing Arizona desert. Poverty drives them; hope lures them. But in ever greater numbers, the desert is killing them. By Michael Riley… Continue Reading

Americas Indigenous Peoples

Across the Americas, Indigenous Peoples Make Themselves Heard By Hector Tobar , Times Staff Writer http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-indigenous19oct19195921,1,1308553.story?coll=la-home-headlines EL ALTO, Bolivia — Above the rocky bowl of La Paz, this vast township of brick and adobe homes stretches across a dry plain.… Continue Reading

Business and Immigration

The politics of immigration Business v Bush From The Economist Why you may not need to rush to change your passport after all BASHING big business is part of the routine of “liberalâ€? America: just pluck any book written by… Continue Reading

Can Technology Solve Hunger?

By Miriam Kagan WASHINGTON, Oct (IPS) – On the eve of World Food Day, the development community is divided over the best course of action to fight malnutrition and hunger, the leading causes of death and sickness worldwide. Every day,… Continue Reading


« YOUTH’s VISION ON DEVELOPMENT » organised by WFUNA and CONGO Dear Friends, On the occasion of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), WFUNA (World Federation of the United Nations Associations) and CONGO (Conference of NGOs in consultative relationship… Continue Reading