Media in the US

The State of the Media Union By Norman Solomon t r u t h o u t | Perspective My fellow American media consumers: At a time when news cycles bring us such portentous events as the remarkable wedding of… Continue Reading

Some military projects carried out by the US Brain Machine Interfaces Program Manager: Dr. Eric Eisenstadt The Brain Machine Interfaces Program represents a major DSO thrust area that will comprise a multidisciplinary, multipronged approach with far reaching impact. The program will create new technologies for augmenting human… Continue Reading

Higher Costs for Nonprofit Sector

Charities Raised More Money in ’03, but Costs Grew Even Faster By Stephanie Strom The New York Times Monday 19 January 2004 Many nonprofit organizations responding to a new survey managed to increase their revenue in 2003 despite the sputtering… Continue Reading

Mars: Profitable Business?

Halliburton working on Mars drilling technology New polls show that at a time of record deficits, the public is against spending billions on a Mars mission while cutting domestic priorities. Nonetheless, there is one company that has supported a Mars… Continue Reading