The Coming Revolt of the Guards

By Howard Zinn The following are excerpts from A People’s History of the United States … the mountain of history books under which we all stand leans … so tremblingly respectful [in the direction] of states and statesmen and so… Continue Reading

Clusters of Death

By Katherine Stapp* – Tierramérica NEW YORK, Jun 30 (IPS) – Growing international demands to suspend the use of cluster munitions, which scatter hundreds of small ”bomblets” over a wide area and are blamed for thousands of civilian deaths around… Continue Reading

Iraqis have lived this lie before

The British transfer of sovereignty in the 20s was equally meaningless Haifa Zangana Tuesday June 29, 2004 The Guardian In Iraq, we have an expression: same donkey, different saddle. Iraq’s long-heralded interim government has now formally assumed sovereignty. Official labels… Continue Reading

How the French Inspired the Torture

By Julio Godoy PARIS, Jun 28 (IPS) – The kind of torture inflicted upon Iraqi prisoners by the U.S. army followed methods France used during the Algerian war of independence in the late 1950s, several French historians and journalists say.… Continue Reading

Will Greens boost Ralph Nader?

Threat to Kerry may grow this weekend at party’s convention Dennis Cook / AP file Green Party activist Peter Camejo explains Monday why he is serving as Ralph Nader’s running mate. By Tom Curry National affairs writer MSNBC Updated: 12:35… Continue Reading

EU Constitution Has a Long Way to Go

By Stefania Bianchi BRUSSELS, Jun 21 (IPS) As European Union leaders mull over the successes of last week’s European summit in their home countries, an even tougher task lies ahead convincing a sceptical electorate to agree. European Union (EU) leaders… Continue Reading

Refugees : 17,1 milions people

The Long-Awaited Return Home By Gustavo Capdevila GENEVA, Jun 17 (IPS) – The number of refugees and others attended by the United Nations refugee agency fell dramatically in 2003 to 17.1 million people, the lowest total in a decade, according… Continue Reading

Glossary on Sustainable Developmen

Conventional versus Emergent Alternative Wisdom By David Korten An important starting point in any discussion of sustainable development is to clarify the basic assumptions we each bring to the table. While the views on sustainable development cover a broad spectrum,… Continue Reading

Citizen Berlusconi

Susan Gray Last Friday, two days before the 3rd European Documentary Film Festival in Oslo, Norway, Film Institute (NFI) director Vigdis Lian announced that Citizen Berlusconi, a 56-minute documentary on Italy’s prime minister, would not be shown at the event.… Continue Reading