Growing pessimism about Iraq

By Dana Priest and Thomas E. Ricks The Washington Post Updated: 12:30 a.m. ET Sept. 29, 2004 A growing number of career professionals within national security agencies believe that the situation in Iraq is much worse, and the path to… Continue Reading

Afghan Women Fighting for Gender Equality

Marwaan Macan-Markar BANGKOK, Sep 27 (IPS) – For Habiba Sarabi, Afghanistan’s minister of women’s affairs, the quest to secure women’s rights in her country remains a daunting task and it begins with fundamentals such as the expression of ”gender equality.”… Continue Reading

Natives to protest Lewis and Clark

Freedom Thinking Native Nations Protest the “Dawn of Genocide of Lewis and Clark” While a stone-faced Thomas Jefferson looks on from atop Mt. Rushmore, modern-day Lewis and Clark wannabes and a few descendants are commemorating Jefferson’s initial plan of cultural… Continue Reading

Arab-Americans turning away from Bush

By Mona Zughbi Reporter NBC News As the 2004 presidential election draws near, recent polls indicate a sharp decline in popularity for President Bush among a segment of the population that was pretty equally divided in 2000: the nation’s Arab-American… Continue Reading

New Bridge to the South Offered

Stefania Bianchi Fresh challenges and opportunities for EU development policy will be explored at a critical meeting next week. BRUSSELS, Sep 23 (IPS) – Fresh challenges and opportunities for EU development policy will be explored at a critical meeting next… Continue Reading

God chose the Northamerican people

Leonardo Boff There are many factors that led to the war against Iraq: economic (oil), political (world hegemony), ideological (to do globalization following Northamerican molds) and others. One, I believe, is like the tread of a collar that sustains all… Continue Reading

The spoils of another war

Five years after Nato’s attack on Yugoslavia, its administration in Kosovo is pushing through mass privatisation Neil Clark Tuesday September 21, 2004 The Guardian ‘Wars, conflict – it’s all business,” sighs Monsieur Verdoux in Charlie Chaplin’s 1947 film of the… Continue Reading

Response to Cardoso Report

Report of the UN Secretary-General on the Proposals of the High Level Panel on Civil Society This report has been prepared in Response to the report of the Panel of Eminent Persons on United Nations–Civil Society Relations (Cardoso Report).

Lost in the Green Zone

As Iraqi frustration mounts over sovereignty, Americans have a place to dance and eat pizza By Scott Johnson Newsweek Sept. 20 issue – President George W. Bush and his advisers like to say that sovereignty has been returned to the… Continue Reading