Where Do We Find Hope?

Leonardo Boff It is likely that President Bush’s election victory and Condoleezza Rice’s appointment as Secretary of State have caused great consternation to millions of people throughout the world. How is it possible that the majority of voters ratified the… Continue Reading

New Take-Off Proposed for Kyoto

Maarten Messiaen The European Parliament has made a strong demand ahead of a conference on global warming next week to include aviation and shipping within the Kyoto Protocol. BRUSSELS, Nov 29 (IPS) – The European Parliament has made a strong… Continue Reading

From Plymouth Rock to Baghdad, Iraq

Analysis – By Jim Lobe WASHINGTON, Nov 25 (IPS) – As U.S. families partake of the turkey, yams, and other staples of the traditional Thanksgiving feast Thursday, they are unlikely to reflect on the enduring ideological — as opposed to… Continue Reading

Torture and Unfair Trial

Samir Gea’gea’ and Jirjis al-Khouri LEBANON — November 23 — The leader of the banned Lebanese Forces (LF), Samir Gea’gea’, and Jirjis al-Khouri, a member of the LF, have been held at the Ministry of Defence Detention Centre (MDDC) in… Continue Reading

We Cannot Abandon Africa

WEB EXCLUSIVE By Nicki Gostin Newsweek Updated: 2:08 p.m. ET Nov. 24, 2004 Nov. 24 – Brazilian-born photographer Sebastião Salgado has not always been taking photos: he was trained as an economist. It was not until he was based in… Continue Reading

Overcoming Water Scarcity

Moyiga Nduru JOHANNESBURG, Nov (IPS) – A routine visit to a village in the northern South African province of Limpopo brought Stephen McFarlane face-to-face with the reality of a child-headed family. But, the members of this household were not, as… Continue Reading

The President\’s Yes Man

By Alan Berlow In nominating Alberto Gonzales to be the next attorney general, President Bush has selected a man with a long record of giving him the kind of legal advice he wants. Unfortunately, that advice has not always been… Continue Reading

Media Repression in \’Liberated\’ Land

Dahr Jamail BAGHDAD, Nov 18 (IPS) – Journalists are increasingly being detained and threatened by the U.S.-installed interim government in Iraq. Media have been stopped particularly from covering recent horrific events in Fallujah. The “100 Orders” penned by former U.S.… Continue Reading

Reclaim Our UN

We would like to inform the ones participating to the International Seminar “Reclaim Our UN” next 19-20 November the following useful information: The offices in Perugia are closed from 17th to 22nd November because all the staff is moving to… Continue Reading

In Sudan, a sense of abandonment

By Emily Wax The Washington Post Updated: 8:54 a.m. ET Nov. 16, 2004 NEW AL-JEER SUREAF, Sudan – The Bush administration has called it genocide. Other governments have labeled it ethnic cleansing and the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. There have… Continue Reading