Reclaim Our UN

Nov 17 2004

We would like to inform the ones participating to the International Seminar “Reclaim Our UN” next 19-20 November the following useful information:

The offices in Perugia are closed from 17th to 22nd November because all the staff is moving to Padua where the seminar will take place. The phone numbers you can call from Wednesday on are: 049 8205053 or 335 7191489.
We re-send you the last version of the seminar’s programme.

(structure of the programme)

Thursday November 18th 2004
Arrival of participants in Padua. Informal meetings.

Friday November 19th 2004
Venue: Salone del Palazzo della Ragione, via del Municipio 1
9.30-13.00: First Plenary Session

Presentation of the seminar, goals, work methodology, main proposals and initiatives underway in the world.

“Suoni di Pace”, music intermezzo by Luciano Basso

15.30-18.30: Working groups

1. For security and human development. The international order we want to build is` (Venue: Sala Anziani- Palazzo Moroni)
Debate on the international order we want to build and on its pillars. A peaceful, just, equitable, democratic, human rights-based world order versus hierarchical, unequal, market competition and war-oriented world order. What future for the UN, the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organisation`

2. Challenges and opportunities. Proposals for common strategies (Venue: Aula E ­ Università di Padova, Palazzo del Bò, via VIII Febbraio 2)
Debate on the challenges we have to face and on the main tasks we decide to place at the centre of our common engagement.

Saturday November 20th 2004
9.30 ­ 13.00: Working groups

3. Proposals, objectives and priorities for a global mobilisation (Venue: Sala Anziani- Palazzo Moroni)
Debate aimed at defining common proposals that will be at the core of a global mobilisation

4. Agenda 2005: elements for a plan of action of global civil society (Aula E ­ Università di Padova)
Debate aimed at defining a global and local plan of action and communication to be proposed and presented in Porto Alegre at the WSF 2005

15.30-18.30: Closing plenary session
Venue: Aula Magna ­ Università di Padova, Palazzo del Bò, via VIII Febbraio 2

Plenary session dedicated to the presentation of the reports of the four working groups, and the presentation of the final document and the closing debate.

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