Winter Brings Payback Time

Zoltán Dujisin KIEV, Dec (IPS) – Russia is playing the energy card by raising state-owned Gazprom’s fuel prices, in what Ukraine has termed a politically charged move.

Racing Toward Climate Disaster

Stephen Leahy BROOKLIN, Canada, Dec (IPS) – With 2005 the warmest year in modern times and new research confirming scientists’ worst fears, most experts agree that urgent and innovative international action on climate change is needed.

The devil in the deep blue sea

BY ANTHONY R. WOOD Knight Ridder Newspapers PHILADELPHIA – Hundreds of miles from any land, the waters of the North Atlantic suddenly developed an oddly deep-blue hue and turned incongruously warm. Patches of peculiar brown seaweed rode the surface, and… Continue Reading

Europe Looking for a Way Forward

Stefania Bianchi BRUSSELS, Dec (IPS) – The year 2005 will be remembered as the ”annus horribilis” in the European Union with political wrangling, terrorist attacks, social unrest and natural disasters, and there are questions over how the bloc will progress… Continue Reading

Iraqis Spoke, But Hardly in Unison

Analysis by Jim Lobe WASHINGTON, Dec 21 (IPS) – The strong turnout in last week’s parliamentary elections in Iraq may have been just the kind of civic demonstration that U.S. Pres. George W. Bush needed to restore some confidence in… Continue Reading

The Biggest Debt of the PT

Leonardo Boff Theologian The biggest debt of Brazil’s Worker’s Party, the PT, is not financial: it is political and ethical. The events of the last few months, which included sophisticated corruption in the party’s leadership group, have had a devastating… Continue Reading

UN troops bid farewell to Freetown

By Mark Doyle BBC World Affairs correspondent The last United Nations troops left Sierra Leone on Thursday following a five-year mission which faced military disaster when it began, but ultimately succeeded in ending one of Africa’s most brutal wars.