AIDS Wears a Woman\’s Face, Especially in Africa

Thalif Deen UNITED NATIONS, Apr (IPS) – Stephen Lewis, the U.N. Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, invariably returns to New York with half a dozen harrowing stories of death and devastation in a continent ravaged by the spreading disease.

Global Partnerships Key to Development, NGOs Say

Stefania Bianchi BRUSSELS, Apr (IPS) – European Union member states must â€?take meaningful stepsâ€? to build a global partnership for development, says a new report from a network of Catholic development groups.

Harnessing Creativity to Boost Developing Economies

Mario Osava RIO DE JANEIRO, Apr (IPS) – The Brazilian minister of culture, renowned singer-songwriter Gilberto Gil, has a new passion: the creative industries, which he believes can play a key role in boosting the economies of developing countries.

Holy Warriors

Cardinal Ratzinger handed Bush the presidency by tipping the Catholic vote. Can American democracy survive their shared medieval vision? By Sidney Blumenthal*, April 2005, President Bush treated his final visit with Pope John Paul II in Vatican City on… Continue Reading

Far From Those Maddening Crowds

Sanjay Suri GLENEAGLES, Scotland, Apr (IPS) – The long and winding road from Scotland’s capital Edinburgh to Gleneagles where the G8 summit will be held in July was never built to carry a couple of hundred thousand demonstrators over the… Continue Reading

Concerns about the new Pope

Leonardo Boff Theologian The elevation of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to Pope of the Catholic Church has brought satisfaction to some, and concern to others. Two factors cause these concerns: his style of governing the Church, and his basic attitude vis-a-vis… Continue Reading

It Had to Be Ratzinger After All

Elisa Marincola ROME, Apr (IPS) – All the bells in Rome were pealing as cardinals elected Joseph Ratzinger the 265th leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Ratzinger, who will be known as Pope Benedict XVI, turned 78 three days back.… Continue Reading

Not So Fast Out of Gaza

Ferry Biedermann GAZA, Apr (IPS) – Two dates in the Middle East that once seemed set in stone are now being challenged as Israel considers delaying its Gaza disengagement and Palestinians mull over postponing their elections.

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

April 2005 By Naomi Klein Last summer, in the lull of the August media doze, the Bush Administration’s doctrine of preventive war took a major leap forward. On August 5, 2004, the White House created the Office of the Coordinator… Continue Reading