By Laura Carlsen | October 2005 International Relations Center 1. NAFTA Model has Met Significant Resistance in Latin America NAFTA was negotiated over a decade ago. Since then, many countries in Latin America have seen the growth of civil… Continue Reading

A Formidable Hawk Goes Down

Jim Lobe WASHINGTON, Oct (IPS) – Losing I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, perhaps the most influential national security official without a formal cabinet rank, marks a serious blow to the George W. Bush administration and particularly to the hawks who led… Continue Reading

Rich nations are accused of giving \’nothing\’

By Justin Huggler, Asia Correspondent October 2005 The United Nations almost doubled its appeal for donations for victims of the Pakistan earthquake as some rich nations were accused of contributing nothing to help the survivors.

Bid to Get Syria Off the Hook

Adam Morrow CAIRO, Oct (IPS) – Egypt is engaging in intense efforts in a bid to ease pressure on Syria following publication of the preliminary UN report on the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri. The UN report… Continue Reading

Children ask society to help ease AIDS burden

Source: Reuters By Jeremy Lovell LONDON, Oct (Reuters) – Every Tuesday on her way to school in Lesotho, Reitumetse Phooko passes a boy pushing his father to the AIDS clinic in a wheelbarrow because he is too ill to walk.

Dozens of Abu Ghraibs

Gustavo Capdevila GENEVA, Oct (IPS) – U.S. human rights groups have denounced before the U.N. Human Rights Committee that there are perhaps dozens of secret detention centres around the world where Washington is holding an unknown number of prisoners as… Continue Reading

UN Gives Green Light on Kosovo Talks

Vesna Peric Zimonjic BELGRADE, Oct (IPS) – The United Nations Security Council’s endorsement of talks on the political future of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo provides a new foothold for efforts to resolve one of the Balkan region’s thorniest… Continue Reading

Congress Rejects Food Aid for Local Development

International Relations Center Both House and Senate leaders recently rejected an administration-backed recommendation by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to allot $300 million of its food aid budget to purchase food grown by local or regional producers.… Continue Reading

EU Under Fire Over Doha

Stefania Bianchi BRUSSELS, Oct (IPS) – The European Union has come under fire for threatening the progress of the Doha round of international trade talks. World Trade Organisation (WTO) members are working on an outline deal this week, ahead of… Continue Reading

The Century of Development?

Elisa Marincola MILAN, Italy, Oct (IPS) – This could be “the century of Latin America”, as Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has proposed, if the region succeeds in more fully consolidating its integration process and building a development… Continue Reading

The \’Clean\’ Should Look Within Too

Sanjay Suri LONDON, Oct (IPS) – The Corruption Perceptions Index published by the group Transparency International Tuesday shows high degrees of corruption among developing nations. But banking systems in the West are helping make that possible.