Opium Eradication Could Destroy Farmers

Sanjay Suri LONDON, Jan (IPS) – Proposals being considered for the widespread destruction of opium plantations could end up destroying the lives of millions of farmers in Afghanistan, an independent report warned Monday.

Alternatives to Disintegration?

Leonardo Boff, Theologian, Letter of The Earth Commission The autonomous workings of the capitalist economy, as carried out globally, tend to realize Marx’s prophesy: to destroy both of its sources of wealth, nature and human beings. For its project to… Continue Reading

British Spies Rock NGOs

Kester Kenn Klomegah MOSCOW, Jan (IPS) – The unearthing of a rock-like transmitter planted by British spies on a Moscow street can have consequences for the funding of several non-governmental organisations.

UNcovering waste

January 2006 – Financial Times Editorial The United Nations secretariat is learning that it is better to wash your dirty linen in public than to let others do it for you. So it is publicising its investigation of waste and… Continue Reading

Hamas Victory Casts Shadow on Peace

Fawzia Sheikh JERUSALEM, Jan (IPS) – The Palestinian militant group Hamas has won an apparent victory in parliamentary elections. The win shocked the ruling Fatah party and has raised concerns about the future of the peace process, and about Palestine… Continue Reading

Creative Disintegration?

Leonardo Boff, Theologian, Letter of The Earth Commission I am neither a prophet, nor a prophet’s son. I am the son of an elementary school teacher and an illiterate mother. But as a theologian, I was taught to always consider… Continue Reading

Chirac\’s Nuclear Threat Dismissed

Julio Godoy PARIS, Jan (IPS) – French President Jacques Chirac’s threat that France could use nuclear weapons to retaliate against terrorist attacks has provoked strong opposition.

Cynicism and Hope Ahead of the Bamako Gathering

Almahady Cissé BAMAKO, Jan (IPS) – With just a day to go before Africa’s first-ever World Social Forum (WSF) gets underway in Mali, attitudes towards the meeting appear somewhat mixed in the West African country.

New S.Lanka war worse for hunger than tsunami-UN

By Peter Apps COLOMBO, Jan (Reuters) – Return to war in Sri Lanka could have more impact on malnutrition than the 2004 tsunami, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday, with new violence already hitting aid programmes.

Nations Urged to Create Gun-Free Zones

Thalif Deen UNITED NATIONS, Jan (IPS) – The widespread proliferation of small arms and light weapons can be curbed more effectively by reducing demand than by merely cutting off supplies, according to a new report on arms control released here.

Israel & Palestine: A Way Out?

By Conn Hallinan – Editor: John Gershman, IRC – Foreign Policy In Focus – www.fpif.org In a 2002 Le Monde Diplomatique article titled “Constructing Catastrophe,” Israeli journalist Amon Kapeliouk challenged one of the central myths about the ongoing conflict between… Continue Reading