Israeli Russians Could Swing the Vote

Fawzia Sheikh JERUSALEM, Feb (IPS) – Although Israeli pollsters peg the Kadima Party as the frontrunner in winning next month’s elections, it is still uncertain who will secure the coveted Russian vote that always plays a critical role on polling… Continue Reading

A Judicial Green Light for Torture

THE NEW YORK TIMES February 2006 Editorial The administration’s tendency to dodge accountability for lawless actions by resorting to secrecy and claims of national security is on sharp display in the case of a Syrian-born Canadian, Maher Arar, who spent… Continue Reading

Who Rules the World?

Leonardo Boff Theologian With the economy becoming ever more autonomous, and with the weakening of the nation-state, it is illusory to think that elected presidents are the ones who weild the power to lead a country. The real destiny of… Continue Reading

Looking to Life After Kyoto

Sanjay Suri LONDON, Feb (IPS) – Even before the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol’s first period can begin, a dialogue has been launched on limiting climate change after the current agreement ends in six years. And it is not too… Continue Reading

Keeping Nuclear Negotiations Critical

Saloumeh Peyman TEHRAN, Jan (IPS) – By allowing inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to visit and verify its nuclear programme this week, Iran has indicated readiness to work with the United Nations watchdog, while continuing to limit… Continue Reading

Rumsfeld Declares War on Bad Press

Analysis by Emad Mekay WASHINGTON, Feb (IPS) – Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld has signaled that he plans to intensify a campaign to influence global media coverage of the United States, a move that is likely to heighten the debate over… Continue Reading

The Shame of the Prisons

THE NEW YORK TIMES Editorial Who needs sophomoric cartoons to inflame the Muslim world when you’ve got the Bush administration’s prison system? One reason the White House is so helpless against the violence spawned by those Danish cartoons is that… Continue Reading

Hamas Waits for a Russian Hug

Fawzia Sheikh JERUSALEM, Feb (IPS) – Israel has said that Russia’s plans next month to meet leaders of the new militant Palestinian government Hamas may legitimise its political status in the eyes of the international community but not diminish its… Continue Reading

Outrage Spreads over New Images

Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed BASRA, Feb (IPS) – New footage of British soldiers beating up young Iraqi men in Amarah city in 2003, and the release of more photographs of atrocities by U.S. soldiers against Iraqi detainees in Abu… Continue Reading

Britain Looks Away From the Cartoons

Sanjay Suri LONDON, Feb (IPS) – As violence over the Mohammed cartoons continues at scattered locations around the world, Britain has looked away from them in the interest of good race relations.