Reiterating Unfulfilled Promises

Diego Cevallos MEXICO CITY, Mar (IPS) – When Presidents Vicente Fox of Mexico and George W. Bush of the United States met in 2001, they promised to advance, along with Canada, towards the creation of a North American economic community.… Continue Reading

Saddam Better for Women

Sanjay Suri LONDON, Mar (IPS) – Women were far better off under former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein, a women’s group has found after an extensive survey in Iraq.


Alejandro Kirk KARACHI – Many things did not work here in Karachi over the last few days. Meetings started late, were cancelled or changed venue; garbage was strewn all over the place and trash bins nowhere to be found. Just… Continue Reading

UAE: After Iraq, Arabs Wary of \’Western\’ Democracy

Meena Janardhan DUBAI, Mar (IPS) – In the evolving debate on reforms, Arab intellectuals and common people continue to emphasise the need for culture and region-specific democratic reforms in the Middle East, and strongly oppose the imposition of Western models.

Reheating the Cold War

By M K Bhadrakumar Asia Times Three assaults on the Kremlin within the month must be extraordinary even by Cold War standards. They prompted Anatol Lieven, a prominent American scholar on Russia, to pose a rhetorical question: “Why are we… Continue Reading

Different Continents, Similar Problems

Moyiga Nduru JOHANNESBURG, Mar (IPS) – There is much that separates Africa and Asia, not least ethnicity, culture and language. But, as the third and final leg of this year’s World Social Forum (WSF) gathers momentum in the Pakistani financial… Continue Reading

Polycentric and Losing Focus

Anil Netto PENANG, Malaysia, Mar (IPS) – While a buzz of excitement surrounds the World Social Forum, now under way in the Pakistani city of Karachi, veteran activists and political scientists here are having reservations over the regional approach to… Continue Reading

Literacy linked to local needs

‘Reflect circles’ of adults cooperate to tackle development projects – and their own illiteracy. By Stephanie Hanes | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor ORANGE FARM, SOUTH AFRICA – In the middle of this settlement on the southern edge of… Continue Reading

Activists, Global Forum Do Not See Eye to Eye

Diego Cevallos MEXICO CITY, Mar (IPS) – Mutual distrust and even suspicions of a “conspiracy” separate the organisers of the Fourth World Water Forum, taking place in the Mexican capital, and the activists holding their own simultaneous alternative gathering.