Closing the Asylum Gate

BY LISA CLAUSEN Critics say Australia’s plan to process all boat people offshore threatens the U.N.’s convention on refugees It seemed like old times last week when Philip Ruddock stepped forward to defend Australia’s immigration stance. Five years ago, as… Continue Reading

The looming chaos in Chad

By Eric Reeves | April 26, 2006 IDRISS DEBY, the president of the central African country of Chad, may soon lose power to a group of variously motivated rebel movements. The deposing of Deby might not seem occasion for much… Continue Reading

Iran: Defiant but Ready to Deal

Praful Bidwai TEHRAN, Apr 27 (IPS) – As the deadline set by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to halt uranium enrichment descends upon Iran, the already narrow window of opportunity to resolve the crisis over Tehran’s nuclear programme diplomatically… Continue Reading

Battered Women Left in Asylum Limbo

William Fisher NEW YORK, Apr 26 (IPS) – In the unlikely event that the U.S. Congress reaches agreement on an immigration bill, it remains doubtful that legislators will include one of the simpler issues in this complex debate: granting asylum… Continue Reading

Nuclear lessons for today

By Charles D. Ferguson The legacy of Chernobyl stresses the importance of security and nonproliferation. WASHINGTON – Twenty years ago Wednesday, the world experienced its worst nuclear accident. In the early morning of April 26, 1986, a steam explosion blew… Continue Reading

A darkening mood over Doha

From The Economist Global Agenda Efforts to liberalise world trade have suffered a setback, after large trading powers admitted that a self-imposed deadline of April 30th for preparing a deal on farm and industrial goods will be missed. Ministerial talks… Continue Reading


By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman Hawaii Cuba Philippines Puerto Rico Nicaragua Honduras Iran Guatemala South Vietnam Chile Grenada Panama Afghanistan Iraq What do these 14 governments have in common? You got it. The United States overthrew them.

\’Human Tsunami\’ Swamps King

Marty Logan KATHMANDU, Apr 21 (IPS) – “There it is — that’s our human tsunami,” Communist party leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said Friday, watching more than 100,000 people flow past his house in the capital’s outskirts. “People were teasing us,… Continue Reading

Nobody has to be vile

Slavoj Zizek Since 2001, Davos and Porto Alegre have been the twin cities of globalisation: Davos, the exclusive Swiss resort where the global elite of managers, statesmen and media personalities meets for the World Economic Forum under heavy police protection,… Continue Reading

Baghdad Slipping Into Civil War

Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed BAGHDAD, Apr (IPS) – The new clashes between Shia militiamen dressed in Iraqi military and police uniforms and resistance fighters and residents from the Sunni Adhamiya district of Baghdad have convinced many that what Baghdad… Continue Reading

Blaming the lobby

Joseph Massad* In the last 25 years, many Palestinians and other Arabs, in the United States and in the Arab world, have been so awed by the power of the US pro-Israel lobby that any study, book, or journalistic article… Continue Reading

Channel 4 Smears Chavez

by David Edwards On March 27, Channel 4 News included a report by Washington Correspondent Jonathan Rugman: ‘Hugo to go?’* Rugman relentlessly smeared Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, in a piece described by John Pilger as “one of the worst, most… Continue Reading

Rumsfeld\’s Fall Drags Hawks in Its Wake

Analysis by Jim Lobe WASHINGTON, Apr (IPS) – Despite White House efforts to put an end to the controversy, the battle over the fate of Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld shows little sign of abating.

Behind-the-Scene Battles

Marty Logan KATHMANDU, Apr (IPS) – On one side are hundreds of protesters, most of them college-age men in T-shirts, some waving party flags, some pumping fists in the air. “Down with the king!” they chant. Facing them are rows… Continue Reading