War Provoking Terror, Amnesty Says

Sanjay Suri LONDON, May 23 (IPS) – The war on terror is provoking more terror, Amnesty International secretary-general Irene Khan told IPS in an interview Tuesday at the launch of the human rights group’s 2005 annual report. “The war on… Continue Reading

Africa stages development forum

By Alex Last BBC News, Abuja An international conference on financing development in Africa has opened in the Nigerian capital, Abuja. It is looking at ways of implementing the Millennium Development Goals without damaging local economies.

Few at Guantanamo are interrogated

By Jane Sutton GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, May 18 (Reuters) – Only about one-fourth of the prisoners held at the Guantanamo naval base are interrogated regularly because there are not enough translators and interrogators to question them all, the… Continue Reading

EU Aid Plans Heading for Crisis

Analysis by John Quigley BRUSSELS, May (IPS) – The future of EU spending on external aid for developing countries has been cast into doubt following a vote Thursday in the European Parliament. A legislative proposal governing how the EU will… Continue Reading

Nationalist Boost for State Oil Companies

Diego Cevallos* MEXICO CITY, May (Tierramérica) – The wave of petroleum nationalism across Latin America suggests crucial challenges for state-run oil companies. Some are weak and politicised and will require major overhauls if they hope to successfully confront the new… Continue Reading

China: A Troubled Dragon

Conn Hallinan | Editor: John Gershman, IRC Foreign Policy In Focus The image of China in the Western press is less the dragon of the Celestial Kingdom than J.R.R Tolkien’s Smaug, a beast of enormous strength and cunning, ravaging oil… Continue Reading

A Word from the Islamic Army

Brian Conley and Muhammad Zaher BAGHDAD, May (IPS) – Call them terrorists, call them resistance fighters. A significant member of one such group spoke to IPS about why he joined. Abu Ayoub, a 35-year-old living in Baghdad, is a member… Continue Reading