Abduction Upsets a Plan

Peter Hirschberg JERUSALEM, Jun 30 (IPS) – Heckled by hardline parliamentarians, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert tried to strike a defiant pose. Despite the spiralling violence in the Gaza Strip, from where Israel withdrew unilaterally last year, he insisted he… Continue Reading

Academics Decry Travel Restrictions

Orlando Matos HAVANA, Jun (IPS) – As the United States and Cuba fire accusations at each other in the latest tumultuous chapter in their conflictive relationship, some members of U.S. scientific and student communities are working to salvage exchanges between… Continue Reading

A glimmer of light at last?

Jun 2006 | JOHANNESBURG AND LUANDA From The Economist print edition Sub-Saharan economies are growing faster but are they really getting stronger? In two articles, we weigh the evidence LUANDA is changing fast. A few years after the end of… Continue Reading

Can We Live Without Conventions?

Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission Philosopher Ludwig Wittgestein* used to teach that our communication is nothing more than a great game of words. There is no direct relation between words and things. The words are arbitrarily invented. Their meaning is… Continue Reading

Vodka, bears and freedom of speech

Boris Kagarlitsky Euroasian Home, June 2006 This week Moscow hosted the World Editors Forum. Predictably, the prudish editors-in-chief of the world’s leading periodicals criticized the Russian authorities for violating freedom of speech. And, predictably, Vladimir Putin objected.

Mixed Marriages On Rise Again

Vesna Peric Zimonjic BELGRADE, Jun (IPS) – Bozana Savicki (26), a Serb from Belgrade is about to marry Igor Dumic (28) from Zagreb in Croatia. They met at the Croatian coast last summer.