Still wrong for the UN

The New York Times SUNDAY, JULY 30, 2006 – When President George W. Bush nominated John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations last year, we argued that this convinced unilateralist and lifelong disparager of the United Nations should not… Continue Reading

No Early End to Conflict in Sight

Analysis by Peter Hirschberg JERUSALEM, Jul 28 (IPS) – With U.S. and European leaders unable to agree on the conditions for a ceasefire, the Israeli cabinet authorising the call-up of tens of thousands of reservists, and Hezbollah still firing dozens… Continue Reading

Varieties of imperial decline

by toni solo; ZNet | Mexico Symptoms in Mexico, Mercosur If people needed reminding that North American and European foreign policy, including policy on aid and trade, is based on sadism and hypocrisy, events in Palestine and Lebanon will surely… Continue Reading

More to Lebanon War than Meets the Eye

by Ramzy Baroud; July 2006 ZNet | Israel/Palestine At first glance, history seems to repeat itself in Lebanon, where a lengthy cold war is intermittently interrupted by an extreme show of violence as traditional players quickly sprint into action, stacking… Continue Reading

Lebanese Devastated In All Sorts of Ways

By Dahr Jamail BEIRUT, Jul (IPS) – Much of Beirut is a devastated city, infrastructure in many areas lies in a shambles after the Israeli bombing. But the Lebanese are also just feeling devastated.

Does my freedom end when yours begins?

Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission We hear this phrase frequently, used almost as a principle. I have never heard anyone question it. But, thinking of the underlying assumptions and of their possible consequences, we must seriously question it. It involves… Continue Reading

Overruling Democracy

by Marjorie Cohn; July 2006 Znet George W. Bush claims he wants to bring democracy to the Middle East. But the evidence indicates that Bush only likes democracy when the elections go his way.

Bringing on \”World War III\”

Analysis by Bill Berkowitz* OAKLAND, California, Jul 20 (IPS) – If you thought that a global conflagration on the order of a World War was more the stuff of Biblical prophecy, science fiction and apocalyptic end-times novels, think again.

Back to Sunni Authoritarians?

By Jim Lobe Analysis WASHINGTON, Jul 19 (IPS) – After posing as the champion of democratic reform and the long oppressed Shia minority in the Arab world, the administration of President George W. Bush appears to be scurrying back to… Continue Reading

Football as The Great Metaphor

Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission There is an evident and self explanatory meaning to the World Cup of Football phenomenon, with the crowds it has mobilized and with the rich world of symbols it has produced. Whoever has seen the… Continue Reading