Business Becomes a Big Casualty

Dahr Jamail and Ali al-Fadhily BAGHDAD, Nov (IPS) – “Iraq got the foreign investment rules long sought by U.S. corporations,” Antonia Juhasz, a visiting scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, and author of ‘The Bush Agenda: Invading… Continue Reading

PT: Will the Country of Alliances Return?

Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission Marcel Bursztyn, scholar, with an enviable academic curriculum vitae and intellectual output, wrote a clarifying book, The Country of Alliances: Elites and Continuity in Brazil, (Vozes 1990.) In that book, he convincingly shows how the… Continue Reading


Copyright 2006 Mumia Abu-Jamal Politics is about power; how to get it, and how to use it. The recent media-minted ‘controversy’ over John Kerry’s flubbed joke, the White House/GOP response, and his subsequent apology was a lesson in the use… Continue Reading

Death Toll Rises and Rises

Mohammed A. Salih ARBIL, Nov (IPS) – The worst killings on a single day since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 sent Baghdad reeling Thursday, but they top a casualty toll that has been rising alarmingly.

Creativity Has (Cash) Value

Mario Osava RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov (IPS) – The culture and creativity economy and its contribution to sustainable development will be the central theme at a 10-day meeting of experts, artists and government delegates from more than 70 countries, which… Continue Reading

Shafting the Vets

Conn Hallinan | November 2006 Editor: John Feffer, IRC Foreign Policy In Focus “War is hell,” Union General William Tecumseh Sherman famously said 14 years after the end of the bloodiest conflict in U.S. history. “It is only those… Continue Reading

Will Forests Adapt to a Warmer World?

Stephen Leahy* TORONTO, Nov 20 (IPS/IFEJ) – Deforestation remains the greatest current threat to the world’s forests, claiming 10 to 15 million hectares of tree-covered areas every year, but climate change may represent a bigger challenge in the long term,… Continue Reading