Reconstructing Iraq

Jason Yossef Ben-Meir | January 2007 Editor: John Feffer, IRC Foreign Policy In Focus The new strategy of the United States in Iraq does not include an extensive overhaul of reconstruction efforts at this critical time. Very little money… Continue Reading

Rumi, The Mystic of Love

Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission This year, 2007, marks 800 years since the birth of Jalal ud-Din ar-Rumi, (1207-1273), the greatest of the Islamic mystics, an extraordinary poet of love. He was born in Afghanistan, spent time in Iran, and… Continue Reading

Is \”Just War\” an Oxymoron?

Mark Weisenmiller TAMPA, Florida, Jan 29 (IPS) – The author of a best-selling “biography” of cod and a world history of salt has taken on the weighty theme of nonviolence movements in his latest book — why some thrive and… Continue Reading

The Steady March to War on Iran

What It Would Take to Stop It By VIRGINIA TILLEY Johannesburg, South Africa From its inception, the US occupation was a lose-lose proposition. Simply rolling into Iraq — a society of which the Bush neocons had so distorted a conception… Continue Reading

Race for Baghdad

JOHN CHERIAN With the endgame nearing and the sectarian divide deepening, insurgent groups are making all-out efforts to take control of the capital.

U.N. Chief Moves to Restructure World Body

Thalif Deen UNITED NATIONS, Jan 23 (IPS) – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has taken the initial step towards a significant restructuring of the United Nations Secretariat by realigning the organisation’s peacekeeping operations and bringing disarmament directly under his wing.

Protests Rise Against U.S. Base

Stefania Milan VICENZA, Italy, Jan. 22 (IPS) – The old airport Dal Molin is about the only green area left in the densely populated industrial district of Vicenza in Northern Italy. Soon the 450,000 square-metre area will be converted into… Continue Reading

Empire marches on

AIJAZ AHMAD After West Asia and the Caspian Sea Basin, Horn of Africa is the next Great Game. THE hastily confected judicial assassination of Saddam Hussein, the last President of independent Iraq, was part of an extraordinary three-month-long offensive that… Continue Reading

Business \’Ignores\’ Human Rights

Moyiga Nduru JOHANNESBURG, Jan 17 (IPS) – From Iraq to Nigeria, multinational corporations are ignoring human rights, entrenching a culture of abuse and impunity that is difficult to eradicate, a leading anti-apartheid activist warns.