Nanotechnology: ¿the «Little Brother»?

Nanotechnology: ¿the «Little Brother»? Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission In an extremely accelerated fashion, not just a new technological wave, but a true technological tsunami, has taken place in recent years. It is nanotechnology, that produces elements and things not… Continue Reading

Peace Groups See Glimmer of Light

Aaron Glantz SAN FRANCISCO, Mar 26 (IPS) – Peace activists reacted with cautious optimism to a vote by the U.S. House of Representatives Friday giving President George W. Bush an additional 100 billion dollars to fight the wars in Iraq… Continue Reading

Made in USA

Made in USA by Perry Anderson The Nation Of all postwar institutions in the public eye, the United Nations has probably yielded the poorest literature. With the exception of two lucid studies of its foundation, Robert Hilderbrand’s Dumbarton Oaks (1990)… Continue Reading

U.S. Nukes Plan Viewed as Provocative

Eli Clifton WASHINGTON, Mar 22 (IPS) – The announcement earlier this month that the United States will pursue the design and construction of new nuclear weapons has not been warmly embraced by the rest of the world.

Four Years of War

Geoffrey Millard Editor: Erik Leaver, IPS Foreign Policy In Focus Why is it that we refer to the day the Iraq war started as an anniversary? I was a soldier deployed to Iraq with the 42nd ID of the… Continue Reading

An Anti-Bases Network Finds its Base

Herbert Docena On the perimeter fence of the Eloy Alfaro air base in Manta, Ecuador hangs a sign, “Warning: Military Base. No Trespassing.” Since 1999, the base has been used as a “forward operating location” by the US military –… Continue Reading

Africa: The Right\’s Stuff

Conn Hallinan IRC Right Web The full-page ads appearing in newspapers across the country are wrenching: children in the last stages of starvation, terrified refugees, and burned out villages. They are the images that come to mind when most… Continue Reading

China Provokes Debate in Africa

Walden Bello March 2007 Editor: John Feffer, IRC Foreign Policy In Focus It was unexpected. At the Seventh World Social Forum (WSF), held in Nairobi, Kenya, in late January, the most controversial topic was not HIV-AIDS, the U.S. occupation… Continue Reading

Some More Unequal to EU Than Others

David Cronin BRUSSELS, Mar 16 (IPS) – The European Union’s development aid chief has been accused of prioritising central African countries for which he has a personal fixation at the expense of other needy nations.