Food sovereignty: for a future without hunger

Irene León The town of Selingué in Mali, Western Africa, hosted the Food Sovereignty Forum – Nyéléni 2007- from 23 – 27 February 2007. Peasant organizations, small scale farmers, fisherpeople, shepherds, indigenous peoples, forest communities, women, consumers, environmentalists and some… Continue Reading

CLIMATE CHANGE: UN Panel Has Solutions for the Willing

Marwaan Macan-Markar BANGKOK, Apr (IPS) – Solutions to stop global warming outlined in a new United Nations-backed report may ignite heated debates, if not actually compel governments to make choices that would impact their respective economies.

UN: Baghdad violence not reduced

By THOMAS WAGNER, Associated Press Writer Sectarian violence continued to claim the lives of a large number of Iraqi civilians in Sunni Arab and Shiite neighborhoods of Iraq’s capital, despite the coalition’s new Baghdad security plan, the U.N. said… Continue Reading

The Prophet Gentleness

Leonardo Boff Theologian Earthcharter Commission On December 17, 1961 there was a great fire in the Circo Norteamericano, in Niteroi, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in which about 500 persons died. Such an event, as in Biblical times,… Continue Reading

Israel in the U.S. Empire

by Bashir Abu-Manneh Any reader of Israel Studies’s recent issue on the “Americanization of Israel” would be likely to conclude that the most important aspect of U.S.-Israel relations was cultural and religious exchange.1 U.S. commodification of Israeli consumption is a… Continue Reading

IMF Confidence Crisis

Soren Ambrose | April 2007 Editor: Emily Schwartz Greco, IPS Foreign Policy In Focus As International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank officials engage in their joint semi-annual meetings in Washington, the Fund has a nettlesome new task: convincing… Continue Reading

Software by Microsoft is nearly free for the needy

By Steve Lohr The New York Times April 19 2007 In an effort to expand its global reach in computing, Microsoft plans to offer a stripped-down version of Windows, Office and other software for $3 to people in developing nations.

EU Presses On With Subsidies

David Cronin BRUSSELS, Apr (IPS) – This year the European Union will spend more than 35 percent of its 115 billion euro (156 billion dollars) budget on supporting farmers, even though agriculture accounts for less than 5 percent of the… Continue Reading

Regional Implications of the Iraq War

Chris Toensing Editor: Erik Leaver, IPS Foreign Policy In Focus President George W. Bush’s vision for the Iraq War was nothing if not expansive. Liberal democracy and popular sovereignty were to supplant tyranny not only in Baghdad, but in… Continue Reading