Palestinians Poorer Than Ever

By David Cronin BRUSSELS, Aug 31 (IPS) – Poverty in the Palestinian territories has reached “unprecedented levels” because they have been held under an “economic siege” for almost seven years, a United Nations body has found. During 2006 the number… Continue Reading

The UN\’s silence on Burma

GLOBE EDITORIAL August 31, 2007 PRO-DEMOCRACY activists, students, Buddhist monks, and citizens who are simply fed up with the ruling military junta in Burma have been staging impromptu protests since Aug. 19, when the cancellation of fuel subsidies sent prices… Continue Reading

Americans’ Meager Income Gains

Editorial THE NEW YORK TIMES The economic party is winding down and most working Americans never even got near the punch bowl. The Census Bureau reported yesterday that median household income rose 0.7 percent last year — it’s second annual… Continue Reading

Boats, Deaths, the Usual

By Stefania Milan PADUA, Italy, Aug 27 (IPS) – Mid-August, a normal week in Lampedusa, a small Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. In all, 439 illegal migrants, including a 15-day old baby, arrived from North Africa in old motorboats.… Continue Reading

Chavez offers billions in Latin America

by NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON and IAN JAMES Laid-off Brazilian factory workers have their jobs back, Nicaraguan farmers are getting low-interest loans and Bolivian mayors can afford new health clinics, all thanks to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Bolstered by windfall oil… Continue Reading

Farewell to \”Flush and Forget\”

Analysis by Lester R. Brown* WASHINGTON, Aug 24 (IPS) – In urban settings, the one-time use of water to disperse human and industrial wastes is becoming an outmoded practice, made obsolete by new technologies and water shortages. Water enters a… Continue Reading

Preparing for War, Talking Peace

Analysis by Peter Hirschberg JERUSALEM, Aug 22 (IPS) – Israeli officials have used almost every public platform over the last week to declare that Israel has no war-like intentions toward Syria. Officials in Damascus have made similar soothing proclamations, insisting… Continue Reading

Traffickers exploit increased mobility of underage girls

NEPAL: Traffickers exploit increased mobility of underage girls ——————————————————————————– BANKE, 22 August 2007 (IRIN) – Sixteen-year-old Sushma does not want to reveal her true identity for fear that the traffickers who sold her into the notorious brothel area of Kamathipura… Continue Reading

Padilla Jury Opens Pandora\’s Box

By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS* Jose Padilla’s conviction on terrorism charges on August 16 was a victory, not for justice, but for the US Justice (sic) Department’s theory, the incompetent Padilla Jury delivered a deadly blow to the rule of law… Continue Reading