Ghosts of Rwanda

By Michael Gerson Wednesday, November 28, 2007; A23 KIGALI, Rwanda — We are used to seeing aged Holocaust survivors with faded photographs, telling their stories to remind the young and forgetful. So it is shocking to meet a 31-year-old genocide… Continue Reading

Italy’s environment hara-kiri

By Michael STERN Last November 10 in Beijing the Chinese government was delivered the first eco-building of the capital by the General Direction for Sustainable Development of the Italian Ministry of Environment. That same day in Rome, the Italian Minister… Continue Reading

Hrothgar\’s rheumy eyes

From Nov 23rd 2007 Animation takes on a whole new reality CAN created images seem more real than reality itself? Portrait artists from Roman times onwards have exploited optical effects to flatter their patrons as well as to push… Continue Reading

\”Displacement Is a State of Mind\”

Interview with Madeleine Thien, Canadian novelist VANCOUVER, Nov 22 (IPS) – Madeleine Thien is the Canadian-born daughter of Malaysian-Chinese immigrants. She launched her writing career with a widely acclaimed short story collection called “Simple Recipes” in 2001. Thien’s recently released… Continue Reading

Doubts cloud U.S. talks set on Mideast

By Paul Richter Los Angeles Times Staff Writer November 21, 2007 WASHINGTON — The Bush administration announced Tuesday that it would hold a stripped-down international conference next week to begin negotiating the core issues that divide the Israelis and Palestinians,… Continue Reading

‘I Wanted Democracy’

He was jailed and forced out of his traditional robes after Burmese soldiers arrested him during the junta’s crackdown. A monk’s tale. By Lennox Samuels Newsweek Web Exclusive It was momentum, not militancy, that got the 26-year-old monk to join… Continue Reading