Militarism and the USA

Baltazar Pinguel * A month from now, the US-led war on Iraq will enter its sixth year. On March 19, 2003, the United States and its willing allies invaded Iraq. It was the second time that Iraq, a sovereign nation,… Continue Reading

German Politicians Test Citizens\’ Rights

Opinion – Daphne Antachopoulos * Germany’s highest court ruled that authorities may use computer spyware to secretly collect data from personal computers, but only under strict conditions. Basic rights aren’t disposable, says DW’s Daphne Antachopoulos. The court decision follows the… Continue Reading

Capitalism in an apocalyptic mood

Walden Bello “We have to pay for the sins of the past.” – Klaus Schwab, key organizer of the Davos elite jamboree Skyrocketing oil prices, a falling dollar, and collapsing financial markets are the key ingredients in an economic brew… Continue Reading


By Anne Mugisa New Vision (Kampala) 21 February 2008 . UGANDA is now free of the deadly Ebola disease, the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health declared yesterday. They announced a memorial slated for February 27, in Bundibugyo… Continue Reading