A changing war

From Economist.com The conflict in Afghanistan may become more like the one in Iraq Apr 29th 2008 | KABUL THE Mujahideen Day parade in Kabul, at the weekend, was supposed to show Afghanistan’s new, Western-trained, armed forces coming of age.… Continue Reading

Russia Vacillating over Abolition

Interview with Victoria Sergeyeva from Penal Reform International MOSCOW, Apr 25 (IPS) – How close is Russia to abolishing the death penalty? Possibly just two or three years away, suggests Penal Reform International’s director for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Victoria… Continue Reading

Bring on the Right Biofuels

By ROGER COHEN Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times Fads come fast and furious in our viral age, and the reactions to them can be equally ferocious. That’s what we’re seeing right now with biofuels, which everyone loved until everyone… Continue Reading

\”Transgenic Seed Companies Lie and Bribe\”

Interview with Jesús León Santos, Winner of Goldman Prize* MEXICO CITY, Apr 24 (Tierramérica) – Biotech corporations that developed genetically modified seeds are bribing authorities and carrying out costly advertising campaigns “plagued with lies in order to create monsters that… Continue Reading

Sanctions on Burma To Be Extended

By David Cronin BRUSSELS, Apr 23 (IPS) – Sanctions imposed by the European Union on Burma look set to be extended for an extra year because of the lack of progress on human rights in the military-ruled country.

Food Aid Agency Feels the Crunch

By LAURA BLUE/LONDON Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2008 When there’s a food emergency in the world, the World Food Program (WFP) is the agency called in to handle it, feeding everyone from flood victims after the 2004 tsunami to schoolchildren in… Continue Reading

Israel Sees Iran Threat Recede

Analysis by Peter Hirschberg JERUSALEM, Apr 22 (IPS) – In the clearest indication yet that Israel now believes Iran’s nuclear aspirations will be curbed, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said that efforts being undertaken by the international community will ensure… Continue Reading

Ukraine Divided Over Russia

Interview with Russian Historian and Professor Alexei Miller BUDAPEST, Apr 21 (IPS) – Key pro-Western politicians in Ukraine are promoting the revival of an ethno-cultural nationalism which is built on opposition to Russia and has driven a wedge between Ukrainians… Continue Reading

But What Is Good About Biofuels?

By Julio Godoy BERLIN, Apr 17 (IPS) – The German government decision two weeks back against increased use of biofuels was based on technical reasons — more than three millions vehicles cannot burn biofuels without risking engine breakdown. But this… Continue Reading

The Heuristic of Fear

Pablo Dávalos There is a relation between the notion of “the right to preemptive self-defense” that allowed, legitimated, and justified the US invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq, that was announced by the hawks of the Bush administration, and Colombian President… Continue Reading