Paying the Price of the Immigration Crackdown

By Tom Barry Are Americans willing to pay for the intensifying crackdown on immigrants? The Bush administration and Congress are fueling an increasingly hard-line immigration policy with seemingly unlimited federal funding. The Department of Homeland Security, which in 2003 became… Continue Reading

Immigrants stage hunger strike

ANSA Detainees protest over death of Tunisian (ANSA) – Turin, May 26 – Detainees at a migrant holding centre here have launched a hunger strike in protest at the sudden death of a Tunisian man over the weekend, an Italian… Continue Reading

Ex- Bank of Italy head indicted

ANSA Antonio Fazio accused of hindering 2005 bank takeover (ANSA) – Milan, May 23 – Former Bank of Italy governor Antonio Fazio was indicted Friday along with 15 others for a 2005 scandal-hit bank takeover bid. Other high-profile names on… Continue Reading

Read the Papers And Fear the Muslims

By Zoltán Dujisin PRAGUE, May 23 (IPS) – One result of the Czech media and politicians’ frequent warnings of the dangers of Islamic terrorism has been a growing Islamophobia. Attitudes towards Muslims are said to have worsened following the Sep.… Continue Reading

Reconstructing Afghanistan

From The Economist print edition May 20th 2008 The lessons of earlier Asian nation-building efforts NEARLY seven years after the toppling of the Taliban, Afghanistan’s future is still up for grabs. Despite tens of thousands of foreign troops, and billions… Continue Reading

Guantanamo Trials Hit Setbacks

By William Fisher NEW YORK, May 20 (IPS) – Key elements of the George W. Bush administration’s anti-terrorist detention policies appear to be unraveling, according to human rights and legal advocates. In the past two weeks alone, a military judge… Continue Reading

EU shake-up on farming subsidies

BBC NEWS The EU has unveiled a plan for reform of its Common Agricultural Policy, the rural payments system that costs more than 40bn euros (£32bn) a year. The proposals are aimed at making farmers more responsive to market forces… Continue Reading

Next-Generation Biofuels

Carmelo Ruiz Marrero First-generation biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel debuted on the world stage as the solution to the fossil fuel trap. Soon evidence began to mount indicating that the solution may well prove to be just a new set… Continue Reading

More Fears Rise Around Doha Deal

By Aileen Kwa GENEVA, May 19 (IPS) – As WTO negotiations pick up this week, some developing countries are in growing doubt that a deal liberalising their economies further could help them cope with the food crisis. IPS spoke to… Continue Reading