By Mario Soares (*) LISBON, Dec (IPS) Latin America is undergoing a process of accelerated transformation. Considered the “backyard of the United States” for much of the last century, it suffered a string of coups d’etat and dictatorships, many piloted… Continue Reading

America\’s Secret ICE Castles

By Jacqueline Stevens This article appeared in the January 4, 2010 edition of The Nation. “If you don’t have enough evidence to charge someone criminally but you think he’s illegal, we can make him disappear.” Those chilling words were spoken… Continue Reading

Women Chiefs Change Indian Villages

Daksha Warty RANMALA, India, Dec 22 (IPS) – The villages of Ranmala, Nandagane, Shirgaon and Mengdewadi, in Pune, Sangli and Satara districts, western India, have one thing in common.They are all headed by female sarpanches (village chiefs), and what a… Continue Reading

The Secrets of Stability

By Fareed Zakaria | NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated Dec 21, 2009 Why terrorism and economic turmoil won’t keep the world down for long One year ago, the world seemed as if it might be coming apart. The global… Continue Reading

The Guantanamo Shell Game?

By William Fisher NEW YORK, Dec 15 (IPS) – Human and rights advocates and members of the Republican Party found unusual common ground Monday. Both registered strong objections to the announcement that the Barack Obama administration would be transferring detainees… Continue Reading

The Many Lives of the Tobin Tax

By Julio Godoy* BERLIN, Dec 15 (Tierramérica**) – In the decades since 1972, when Nobel laureate economist James Tobin (1918-2002) first proposed it, the idea of a tax on currency speculation has resurfaced and disappeared many times, according to the… Continue Reading


By Mark Sommer (*) ARCATA, CALIFORNIA, Dec (IPS) The twentieth anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall reminded Americans of just how heady it felt when a triumphant America stood astride a collapsing Soviet empire. Two decades later, Americans find themselves… Continue Reading

We need an index of human rights

By Peter Tatchell * Measuring and ranking every country’s observance of human rights would give nations an incentive to raise their game Human Rights Day is the anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on… Continue Reading