What Would Google Do?

Nick Summers – Newsweek Web Exclusive According to author Jeff Jarvis, taking a page out of the company’s playbook could put the economy back on track “Google is an avalanche and it has only just begun to tumble down the… Continue Reading

Partisanship Isn\’t a Dirty Word

By Ari Berman – The Nation 01/27/2009. Republicans, having driven the economy into a ditch during the last eight years, are now opposing the one piece of legislation–an economic stimulus–that might turn things around. House Republican leaders are telling their… Continue Reading

Iron Curtain memories

Correspondent’s Diary – From Economist.com Celebrating twenty years since communism’s fall Monday Jan 27th 2009. NOW that Russia has turned the heating back on, central Europe can start planning its celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the collapse of communism.… Continue Reading

The End of Swagger

Anna Quindlen The welfare of women should be a key component of American foreign policy. And we’ve got the woman to make that happen. NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated Feb 2, 2009 As Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton… Continue Reading

What Obama Didn’t Say

John E. Schwarz And Lew Daly The new president and the link between economics and freedom. America is not about common blood, or race, or ethnic background or religion. America is about an idea, and that idea is freedom. Of… Continue Reading

The Coming Capitalist Consensus

Walden Bello Not surprisingly, the swift unraveling of the global economy combined with the ascent to the U.S. presidency of an African-American liberal has left millions anticipating that the world is on the threshold of a new era. Some of… Continue Reading

The Smell Of Death

Rod Nordland – Newsweek Web Exclusive In Zeitoun, Gaza, 29 members of one family lost their lives. Why? Palestinian farmer Rafiq Samouni, 39, sat on the rubble of his house Monday, eating a sour orange. “We don’t have any homes,… Continue Reading

Say it Plain, Mr. President

Analysis by Jerrold Kessel and Pierre Klochendler JERUSALEM, Jan 19 (IPS) – Europe now evidently understands what the U.S. has long understood – if you want to move Israelis on peace, you need to make them feel secure. There they… Continue Reading

Renewing America

From The Economist print edition George Bush has left a dismal legacy, but Barack Obama can do much to repair the damage Jan 15th 2009 – SHORTLY after midday on January 20th, Barack Obama will sit for the first time… Continue Reading