Legion of Christ to be investigated

ANSA Benedict XVI asks for report on troubled religious order (ANSA) – Rome, March 31 – Pope Benedict XVI has ordered an investigation into the activity of influential Catholic religious order the Legion of Christ after reports of sexual impropriety… Continue Reading

Global Labor\’s G-20 Agenda

By Max Fraser – The Nation March 26, 2009 .Finance ministers and national leaders are girding themselves for the upcoming G-20 summit in London, where they will have to overcome deep policy divisions to reach global agreement on the worsening… Continue Reading

We Need a G20 Reality Check

Jeffrey E. Garten – NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated Mar 30, 2009 When I was a trade official in the Clinton administration, I discovered that the British government was unusually talented at writing summaries after difficult negotiations. Their communiqués… Continue Reading

Civil Society Shows Its Muscle

By Sanjay Suri Sanjay Suri interviews SALIL SHETTY, Director of the UN Millennium Campaign LONDON, Mar 25 (IPS) – Governments made their pledges over the Millennium Development Goals agreed in 2000, but it is civil society that could, more than… Continue Reading

The Outrage Factor

Michael Kazin – NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated Mar 30, 2009 Do populist outbursts like the one sparked by the AIG bonuses represent a threat to capitalism—or an opportunity? Our essayists on populism and its discontents. Don’t Let the… Continue Reading

Refugees From Mexico Drug War Flee to US

By Andrew Becker (*) – The Nation Unlike the traditional job-seeking migrants, whose numbers have dropped in part due to the slumping US economy and increased border enforcement, this new migrant class comprises business owners, executives and other professionals who… Continue Reading

Women Better, But Far From Equal

By Miren Gutierrez* Miren Gutierrez interviews SAADIA ZAHIDI, head of the Women Leaders and Gender Parity Programme at the World Economic Forum (WEF) ROME, Mar 18 (IPS) – Denying women access to political and economic power is a “strategic waste”,… Continue Reading