Roma Seek to Flee Czech Republic

By Zoltán Dujisin BUDAPEST, Apr 30 (IPS) – The situation of Roma in the Czech Republic has always been bad, but growing right-wing extremism has taken tensions to new levels, driving many to seek asylum in Canada.

The Secret Of His Success

Fareed Zakaria – NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated May 4, 2009 What Obama has been able to accomplish in his first 100 days is enough to make any president envious.

Indigenous Wisdom Against Climate Change

By Stephen Leahy* ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Apr 28 (Tierramérica) – While industrialised countries like Canada continue to emit ever-higher levels of greenhouse-effect gases, indigenous peoples around the world are working to survive and adapt to an increasingly dangerous climate. Over millennia,… Continue Reading

New Evidence of Torture Prison in Poland

By John Goetz and Britta Sandberg – Der Spiegel EUROPE’S ‘SPECIAL INTERROGATIONS’ The current debate in the US on the “special interrogation methods” sanctioned by the Bush administration could soon reach Europe. It has long been clear that the CIA… Continue Reading

Change Vs Embargo

By Leonardo Padura Fuentes (*) HAVANA, Apr (IPS) It’s important to remember that before an end of the US embargo of Cuba became even remotely conceivable, certain major international developments had to take place: the profound political shift in Latin… Continue Reading

Bush\’s Lingering Blacklist

By David Cole – The Nation This article appeared in the May 11, 2009 edition of The Nation. More than three years ago, KindHearts, a registered charity in Toledo, Ohio, had its offices raided, all its documents and records seized… Continue Reading

Misreading the Somali Threat

By Karen Rothmyer – THE NATION In the days after the Maersk Alabama was attacked by Somali pirates, the papers here were full of news about the incident. Many letter writers praised the cargo ship’s captain, Richard Phillips, for volunteering… Continue Reading

Our Main Enemy Is Al Qaeda

Kevin Peraino – NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated Apr 27, 2009 Yemen’s president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has long governed a tinderbox. His party survived armed clashes with separatist rebels in the country’s south and Houthi tribesmen in the north.… Continue Reading

Media Metamorphosis

By Mario Lubetkin (*) ROME, Apr (IPS) Major global depressions, like the current one, always have a domino effect that reaches almost every economic and social activity. The media, however, tend to focus on only a few of its manifestations… Continue Reading

Can China Catch a Cool Breeze?

By Christian Parenti – The Nation On a range of seaside mountains between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, two visions of China’s future development stand side by side. The slope of the mountains is busy with construction workers building roads and… Continue Reading