Europe Feels the U.S. Sneeze

By Matthew Berger LONDON, Jun 30 (IPS) – Governments and interest groups around the world followed the U.S. House of Representatives’ vote Friday on the first U.S. policy to limit the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. They were especially interested in… Continue Reading

Brazil, power and realism

By Joaquin Roy (*) BRASILIA, Jun (IPS) It is said that a French politician, asked whether Brazil had a good future, answered with scorn and knowing irony, “Brazil has always had, still has, and will always have a magnificent future.”… Continue Reading

Digital TV Takes the Stage

Osvaldo León * On June 13, just after midnight, the United States produced the so-called “analog blackout,” by which all of the nation’s television stations stopped using the analog signal and gave way to exclusively digital transmission. Presenting this change… Continue Reading

Tragic irony in Somalia

John Boonstra – in UN Dispatch June 22, 2009. Excuse me if I find some irony in Ethiopia declining the Somali government’s request to send troops, when all indicators point to the likelihood that Ethiopia already sent some of its… Continue Reading

The Worst Places to Be a Refugee

By Katie Mattern WASHINGTON, Jun (IPS) – Gaza, South Africa and Thailand are among the world’s worst places to be a refugee, according to the latest annual World Refugee Survey released here Wednesday by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and… Continue Reading

Grains and Global Food Security

By Jacques Diouf (*) ROME, Jun (IPS) The World Grain Forum that took place in Saint Petersburg June 6-7 is one in a series of high-level meetings devoted to food and agriculture this year. Such meetings -including the G8 agriculture… Continue Reading

Premier Berlusconi blasts \’trash\’

ANSA Interview in leading daily sparks Berlusconi’s reaction (ANSA) – Rome, June 17 – Premier Silvio Berlusconi blasted as ”trash” an interview published by leading Italian daily Corriere della Sera on Thursday which alleged that women were paid to attend… Continue Reading