About Peas in a Pod

By Miren Gutiérrez * IPS/IFEJ interviews PAOLO DI CROCE, head of Slow Food International BELLAGIO, Italy, Jul 31 (IPS/IFEJ) – Slow Food, obviously, is the opposite of fast food. And it’s a movement now with more than 100,000 members in… Continue Reading

Big Stimulus is Watching You

by Michael Grabell, ProPublica July 30, 2009. Good Jobs First, a nonprofit group watching the stimulus, released a report on Wednesday rating every state’s stimulus Web site. While some states were deemed impressive, “most are failing to make effective use… Continue Reading

EU Stepping Closer to Israel, Regardless

By David Cronin IPS interviews European Commissioner for External Relations BENITA FERRERO-WALDNER BRUSSELS, Jul 30 (IPS) – Israel enjoys closer relations with the European Union than almost any other foreign country – and work on deepening ties with Israel continues,… Continue Reading

Revamping Plan Colombia

John Lindsay-Poland The U.S. Air Force made its last flight from its military base in Manta, Ecuador in mid-July; it’s closing because of Ecuador’s concerns over arrogance and aggression. While the Pentagon abided by the eviction, it didn’t use the… Continue Reading

Abandoned Between Two States

By Apostolis Fotiadis IZMIR, Turkey, Jul 29 (IPS) – Isabelle Caillol, an activist with the Turkish branch of the human rights advocacy group Helsinki Citizens Assembly, sent a mass email to pro-migrant activists in Greece in May seeking help to… Continue Reading

The Cheney Gang

Editorial-The Nation This article appeared in the August 3, 2009 edition of The Nation. When Congress investigated the Iran/Contra scandal twenty-two years ago, the Republican Representative from Wyoming argued that in matters of national security, executives should do as they… Continue Reading

A Mixed Picture of the Global Crisis

By Pascal Lamy (*) GENEVA, Jul (IPS) The world economy remains fragile and the economic outlook is still uncertain. There have been a few encouraging signs recently of better-than-expected performance here and there. Some are interpreting this as an indication… Continue Reading

On Iran, Do Nothing. Yet.

By Fareed Zakaria | NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated Aug 3, 2009 Tehran needs to work out its turmoil What is happening in Iran? On the surface, the country has returned to normalcy. Demonstrations have become infrequent, and have… Continue Reading

Defiant Netanyahu Plays his Jerusalem Card

Analysis by Jerrold Kessel and Pierre Klochendler JERUSALEM, Jul (IPS) – Israel’s newly installed ambassador in Washington says the “disagreement” with the U.S. over Israel’s settlement policy will be resolved “soon”. Speaking on Israel Radio, Michael Oren was giving his… Continue Reading

Get to be a Country First

By Zoltán Dujisin SARAJEVO, Jul 23 (IPS) – Sooner or later Bosnians will have to abandon their status of quasi-protectorate, and take control of their own state if they ever want to join the European Union.

\’Let Obama Talk…\’

Analysis by Jerrold Kessel and Pierre Klochendler JERUSALEM, Jul 20 (IPS) – A joke deriding U.S. President Barack Obama is said to be making the rounds in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau, according to Aluf Benn, the normally well-informed… Continue Reading

The Risk of Another Debt Crisis

By Supachai Panitchpakdi (*) GENEVA, Jul (IPS) The attention of policymakers is being drawn to addressing fiscal policy and financial issues in an effort to close the credit crunch and release financial flows, especially investment.