By Vandana Shiva (*) NEW DELHI, Oct (IPS) Globalisation and trade liberalisation policies have led to the privatisation of water and biodiversity and the concentration of land ownership in India, reversing six decades of land reform and introducing a new… Continue Reading


By Ignacio Ramonet (*) PARIS, Oct (IPS) It is a major catastrophe: dozens of daily newspapers are bankrupt. In the United States, at least 120 have already closed. And the tsunami is now striking Europe. Not even institutions once considered… Continue Reading

Putting Caste on Notice

By Barbara Crossette – The Nation October 26, 2009. Navi Pillay, the South African judge who became the United Nations high commissioner for human rights last year, is moving to the forefront of a campaign to free more than 250… Continue Reading

No Refuge For Victims of Violence

Commentary by Killid Correspondents* KABUL, Oct 26 (IPS) – The rate of civilian casualties in Afghanistan during 2009 has increased exponentially if compared with previous years. When he first took command of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces in Afghanistan… Continue Reading

The Recession’s Real Winner

By Fareed Zakaria | NEWSWEEK China turns crisis into opportunity. From the magazine issue dated Oct 26, 2009 One year ago, the leading governments of the world saved the global economy. Remember October 2008: Lehman Brothers had disappeared, AIG was… Continue Reading

The World(s) Beyond The Wall

BY RAMESH JAURA – IDN-InDepthNews Service TURIN, Italy (IDN) – Some fifty knowledgeable persons from around the world are seated around a large horizontal table reflecting on Soviet, Chinese and European experiences in the twenty years after the historic Fall… Continue Reading

Muslims Targeted Again in Germany

By Julio Godoy BERLIN, Oct 12 (IPS) – Immigrants and foreigners were again targeted through the election campaign last month by right-wing politicians looking to win votes through racist statements.

Honduran Coup Regime in Crisis

By Greg Grandin – The Nation October 8, 2009. How long can the Honduran crisis drag on, with President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in a military coup more than three months ago, trapped in Tegucigalpa’s Brazilian Embassy? Well, in early 1949… Continue Reading