Landslide Victory for Former Guerrilla

By Darío Montero MONTEVIDEO, Nov 30 (IPS) – Left-wing candidate José Mujica was elected president of Uruguay with nearly 52 percent of the vote Sunday, seven to eight percentage points ahead of his rival, the right-wing Luis Alberto Lacalle, according… Continue Reading

The Unnoticed Reality

BY JEROME MWANDA – IDN NAIROBI (IDN-InDepthNews Service)- Developing nations are faced with huge economic and financial problems and need funds and technical cooperation from Europe and the United States. But this is only one aspect of reality. They have… Continue Reading


By Gunnar Stalsett (*) OSLO, Nov (IPS) Peace of the heart and mind and peace of society are intrinsically linked. Peace and justice are inseparable as are truth and reconciliation. Peace is for the hungry to be fed, the poor… Continue Reading

OECD-MENA Tandem Seeks Economic Stability

BY RAMESH JAURA-IDN BERLIN (IDN-InDepthNews Service) – Countries in the extensive Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are becoming increasingly important for the 30-nation OECD as the world economic crisis cuts growth and sends inward investment reeling.

‘Just Let Them Die’?

BY BAHER KAMAL* MADRID (IDN-InDepthNews Service) – “La matematica non e un’ opinione,” Italians say. And they are right: mathematics is not an opinion. And this is what mathematics says: – Industrialised countries handed over US$ 18 trillion in one… Continue Reading

Robert F. Kennedy Center Laureate on hunger strike

Monika Kalra Varma Our 2008 RFK Human Rights Laureate, Aminatou Haidar, began a hunger strike on November 16th after being forcibly removed from her homeland of Western Sahara. And we need your help to support an investigation of her removal.

Save Half the Planet, or Lose It All

By Stephen Leahy MÉRIDA, Mexico, Nov (IPS) – At least half the planet must be protected if humanity is to survive the next century, declared conservationists at the conclusion of 9th World Wilderness Congress on Friday, Nov. 13. “That is… Continue Reading


By Leonardo Padura Fuentes (*) HAVANA, Nov (IPS) If a person’s past is the accumulation of the life experiences that made him who he is, the future embodies the dreams and the expectations of what this person wants to be… Continue Reading

Is America Losing Its Mojo?

By Fareed Zakaria | NEWSWEEK Innovation is as American as baseball and apple pie. But some traditions can’t be trademarked. From the magazine issue dated Nov 23, 2009 By most measures, America remains the world leader in technological achievement. Consider… Continue Reading