By Mario Soares (*) LISBON, Jan (IPS) I have been a sincere admirer of yours since I started following your writing and speaking about your plans during the presidential campaign. I admire your humanism, your culture, your valour, and your… Continue Reading


By Leonardo Padura (*) HAVANA, JAN (IPS) Haiti was the first independent country of Latin America. In the last years of the 18th century the French colony of Santo Domingo, which occupied the western half of the island of Hispaniola… Continue Reading

Why God Hates Haiti

By Lisa Miller | NEWSWEEK (*) The frustrating theology of suffering From the magazine issue dated Jan 25, 2010 Haiti is surely a Job among nations. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere: half its population lives on… Continue Reading

CO2: The new Indulgencies Trade

Umberto Mazzei * The essential element of indulgences is assigning a person the merits made by others. The basic doctrine was that prayer and good works had a value in divine mercy that accumulated and became the “Treasury of the… Continue Reading

Haitians Welcome TPS Status

By Ron Howell* NEW YORK, Jan 22, 2010 (IPS) – Throughout the New York region, but especially in Brooklyn and Queens, there is measured relief that the U.S. is finally addressing a longstanding issue: that of thousands of Haitians who… Continue Reading


By Daisaku Ikeda (*) TOKYO, Jan (IPS) – The smiling faces and laughing voices of children are the true measure of a peaceful and healthy society, much more so than any statistical indices. In 1996, I visited Costa Rica to… Continue Reading

Change we can believe in?

Reprieve * Reprieve report evaluates President Obama’s first year In his first days in office President Obama issued executive orders that appeared to draw back from the worst excesses of the Bush era, stopping the CIA from running prisons, banning… Continue Reading

FRANCE: Time to Pay Back Haiti

Analysis by A.D. McKenzie PARIS, Jan 17, 2010 (IPS) – As thousands of people filled Notre Dame Cathedral here Saturday evening in a special mass for victims of the earthquake in Haiti, the solidarity and sadness reflected the historical ties… Continue Reading