By Mario Soares (*) LISBON, Feb (IPS) There is lively debate in the European Union about the global recession and the economic crisis in member countries, but relatively little discussion about the future of the Old Continent. We need to… Continue Reading

Attack Iran?

Robert Dreyfuss* – The Nation 02/23/2010 – More huffing and puffing about war with Iran, this time from Anne Applebaum of the hawkish Washington Post, but first some words of caution from Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint… Continue Reading

Underbelly of the Iraq Occupation

By Dahr Jamail* IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis ANCHORAGE, Alaska (IDN) – “Look around,” the drill sergeant said. “In a few years, or even a few months, several of you will be dead. Some of you will be severely wounded or so badly… Continue Reading

Fear of Mediterranean Contagion Grows

Analysis by Julio Godoy BERLIN, Feb 2010 (IPS) – The deep economic, fiscal, and trade crises of several Mediterranean countries in the euro zone that is threatening monetary stability in Europe with the possibility of contagion spreading to developing countries,… Continue Reading

Africa Gets Less Than Half of Pledged Aid

By Babukar Kashka IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis NAIROBI (IDN) – Bad news for the one billion inhabitants of the most castigated continent reeling under exploitation of its resources and the adverse impact of climate change as well as the financial crisis triggered… Continue Reading


By Kumi Naidoo (*) AMSTERDAM, Feb (IPS) As the new Executive Director of Greenpeace International I am often asked what changes I plan to make for the organisation. The response I give is one which I believe applies to Civil… Continue Reading


By Ignacio Ramonet (*) PARIS, Feb (IPS) As “natural” as it may seem, no catastrophe is natural. An earthquake of the same intensity has more victims in a poor country than in a rich industrialised one. For example, the earthquake… Continue Reading

UN Atomic Energy Agency Combats Malnutrition

By Clive Banerjee IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis VIENNA (IDN) – More than six million children in developing lands die of malnutrition every year. Keen to remedy this unacceptable situation, a United Nations agency has started an ambitious project.