Anti-Immigrant Crusade Unleashed

By Justin Akers Chacón IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis OAKLAND (IDN) – “Can you hear us now, Mexico? Can you hear us? This land is not your land, this land is our land,” proclaimed Atlanta talk radio host Larry Wachs, whipping the crowd… Continue Reading

Afghanistan: The News Is Bad

By Jim Lobe* WASHINGTON, Jun 2010 (IPS) – While U.S. officials insist they are making progress in reversing the momentum built up by the Taliban insurgency over the last several years, the latest news from Afghanistan suggests the opposite may… Continue Reading

What Happened to Darfur?

by Ravi Somaiya – Newsweek After a brief peace, violent clashes in Sudan killed 600 in May. But our attention was apparently elsewhere. June 10, 2010 . Last month, according to a United Nations report, about 600 people were killed… Continue Reading

Getting the Oceans on Radar Screens

By IDN Environment Desk IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis (IDN) – But for the World Oceans Day, that “continuous body of water” covering about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface will be hardly on anyone’s radar screen. In fact, the United Nations too… Continue Reading

Developing Countries Resist World Bank Power Play

By Karen Orenstein* IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint (IDN) The U.S., other developed countries, and the World Bank aim for control of climate finance at UN negotiations, but many developing countries and civil society are pushing back.

How to Correct Global Imbalances

By Pier Carlo Padoan* IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint PARIS (IDN) – One of the side-effects of the global crisis has been a temporary narrowing of current account imbalances among the world’s major countries and economic areas. This is good news, but will… Continue Reading

Cuba Without Sugar

By Leonardo Padura (*) HAVANA, MAY (IPS) History is addicted to the creation of cliches, drawn generally from a more or less visible reality held up as typifying a society, an age, or a country. And so with Cuba, known… Continue Reading

Pirates in the Mediterranean

Neve Gordon | The Nation June 1, 2010. “Why didn’t they greet us with muffins and orange juice?” was my friend’s facetious question after listening all morning to the Israeli media’s coverage of the assault on the relief flotilla heading… Continue Reading