Dangerous Nuclear Game in the Middle East

By Fareed Mahdy IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis ISTANBUL (IDN) – The Middle East panorama is now gloomier. The six-decade long conflict has been further aggravated by a dangerous nuclear game. Israel continues to refuse joining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The U.S. clogs… Continue Reading

Think Tanks Flourishing in China

By Jaya Ramachadran IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis BRUSSELS (IDN) – China has become a key player in international politics. But beyond the countless articles and reports on the economic and political rise of China, very little is known about the intellectual revolution… Continue Reading

Harvest of Words Cannot Feed the Hungry

By Ernest Corea IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis WASHINGTON DC (IDN) – The harvest of words that was strewn around the UN’s recently concluded Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit has by now been spread across the world.

Golf and the Future of Cuba

By Leonardo Padura (*) HAVANA, Sep (IPS) If any of the world’s major polling firms dared conduct a macro survey of the 11 million Cubans, asking only where they thought their country was headed, I think the overwhelming majority would… Continue Reading

Blackwater\’s Black Ops

Jeremy Scahill | The Nation Over the past several years, entities closely linked to the private security firm Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to US and foreign governments as well as several multinational corporations, including Monsanto, Chevron,… Continue Reading

MDGs: From bad to worse?

by Angela Zarro – SID Interview with Roberto Savio* In this interview, Roberto Savio provides his critical reading of the entire MDGs process, explaining why this is considered a ‘missed opprotunity’, what didn’t work and how things should evolve in… Continue Reading

Arctic Ice in Death Spiral

By Stephen Leahy UXBRIDGE, Canada, Sep 20, 2010 (IPS) – The carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have melted the Arctic sea ice to its lowest volume since before the rise of human civilisation, dangerously upsetting the energy balance… Continue Reading

Europa zozobra

Editorial – El País Sarkozy se enfrenta a Barroso por los gitanos, pero logra el apoyo gremial de los líderes de la Unión 17/09/2010 . Las deportaciones de gitanos iniciadas este verano por el Gobierno de Nicolas Sarkozy han generado… Continue Reading

Las memorias y los olvidos de Tony Blair

Por Mário Soares (*) LISBOA, Sep (IPS) Primero en Londres y después en Irlanda -donde experimentó contrastes- el ex Primer Ministro británico Tony Blair resolvió publicar sus memorias, en una operación mediática que le aportará una abultada suma de dinero… Continue Reading