Gearing Up for Cancún

Tina Gerhardt | The Nation Expectations are low that the United Nations’s upcoming two-week climate conference, which kicks off in Cancún, Mexico, this Monday, will produce a legally binding international agreement among the 194 nations in attendance. Nonetheless, negotiators, nonprofit… Continue Reading


By Pascal Lamy (*) GENEVA, Nov (IPS) Is globalisation, which is shaping our societies whether we like it or not, a threat to identity? If we were to believe all that we hear, the winds of globalisation are wreaking havoc… Continue Reading

Crisis of capitalism

Crisis of capitalism – The theme of this conference* is the Crisis of Capitalism, Welfare State and Labour. I want to treat this topic from a long term perspective and its multiple dimensions, in contrast to a shorter term treatment… Continue Reading


By Leonardo Padura Fuentes (*) HAVANA, Nov (IPS) After a long wait and numerous postponements, the Cuban Communist Party, which oversees and directs the politics of the island, has decided to hold its sixth congress, in April 2011. The last… Continue Reading

NATO Against Mars? Count Anne Applebaum In

Robert Dreyfuss* November 23, 2010. If you’re in need of something unintentionally funny to read, you can usually count on Anne Applebaum’s op-eds in the Post, and today’s entry [1] fails to disappoint.

Militarized States

by Joshua Kurlantzick – Newsweek The rising power of generals within the governments of Asia is fueling the regionwide arms race. November 22, 2010. In recent months, the wars of words between China and Japan over disputed islands in the… Continue Reading

Getting Harassment on the Map

By IPS Correspondents* LONDON, Nov 23, 2010 (IPS) – Less common but perhaps more useful than the tourist map is the ‘harassment map’ that many Cairo women are beginning to refer to. It’s their way to fight off harassment on… Continue Reading


By Ignacio Ramonet (*) PARIS, Nov (IPS) It’s no surprise. For over two centuries, protest has been a part of the political genetic code of French society. In addition to being constitutionally guaranteed, street protests and strikes are natural ways… Continue Reading

\’Fair Game\’ and Foul Players

By Ernest Corea IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis WASHINGTON DC (IDN) – “Fair Game,” the film, delivers the George W. Bush Administration to viewers as fair game for condemnation and scorn. The film was released for public viewing around the same time that… Continue Reading

George W. Bush: Torturer-in-Chief

David Cole | The Nation In an uncoerced confession in his new memoir, Decision Points, former President George W. Bush proudly admits that he personally signed off on the waterboarding of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in 2003. Former Vice President Dick… Continue Reading

Populist wears Prada

By Patricio Navia – Buenos Aires Herald Although she was not in any ballot, Sarah Palin was the big winner in the 2010 midterm elections. Her militant support of Tea Party candidates helped Republicans defeat Democratic incumbents. Though she is… Continue Reading


By Roberto Savio* Rome, November 2010. The last G20 showed us that we are far from global governance. It’s clear that national interests, although interdependent, have different priorities, and that the era when the West could impose its will on… Continue Reading