Indigenous Peoples Have a New Forum Now

By Stefano Colombo IDN-InDepth NewsReport ROME (IDN) – Indigenous peoples comprise one-third of the world’s one billion extreme poor in rural areas. They are among the most vulnerable and marginalized of any group. Spread over 70 countries and representing diverse… Continue Reading

Facebook and Twitter are not a game

Abdeslam Baraka Facebook is not a game. It is a means of communication that transcends borders, but does not supplant national or international legality concerning civil liberties and rights of association and expression. Choosing such means to spread one’s message,… Continue Reading


By José Graziano da Silva and Ekaterina Krivonos (*) SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Feb (IPS) The world is living through another major upswing in food prices. World food prices surged to a new historic peak in January, for the seventh consecutive… Continue Reading

The Great Arab Revolt

Juan Cole | The Nation The Arab world’s presidents for life and absolute monarchs are quaking in the aftermath of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions. Arab politics had been stuck in a vast logjam for the past thirty years, from… Continue Reading

Obama pursues Bush policies

Reprieve* US insists that they can detain an innocent 14 year old forever without charges or a trial in Bagram Air Force Base, despite not even knowing how old he is. Hamidullah is a young Pakistani boy – only 14… Continue Reading

Questioning Rio 2012

By Thierry Jeantet* The long crisis in the economic and financial system, which seemed to become a permanent feature in a large part of the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall, has been compounded by a series of… Continue Reading


By Ignacio Ramonet (*) PARIS, Feb (IPS) He is 93 years old. His name is Stephane Hessel, and the story of his life reads like a fantastical novel. In a way it was even before his birth. Some of you… Continue Reading