Wanted Long-Term Investments

By J Chandler IDN-InDepth NewsReport TORONTO (IDN) – Huge long-term investments are required for developing the global infrastructure and reducing CO2 emissions that are a menace to human beings and nature. A new report estimates that every year some 3… Continue Reading

The Oil-Food Price Shock

Michael T. Klare | The Nation When future historians attempt to trace the origins of the current turmoil in the Middle East, they will find that one of the earliest of the many explosions of rage occurred in Algeria and… Continue Reading

Why Erdogan Can\’t Let Assad Down

Analysis by Jacques N. Couvas ANKARA, Mar 29 , 2011 (IPS) – A new week, a new campaign for Ankara’s diplomacy. After a victorious arm-twisting on Saturday with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to divert the leadership of the aerial… Continue Reading


By Dietrich Fischer (*) BASEL, Mar (IPS) We all can only feel deep sympathy and compassion for the victims of the terrible catastrophe that befell Japan on 11 March 2011. One of the world’s largest earthquakes ever of magnitude 9,… Continue Reading

Of Libya, France and Western Hypocrisy

By Julio Godoy IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint PARIS (IDN) – To avoid misunderstandings: Muammar al Gaddafi is a brutal, cynical, corrupt dictator, who obviously considers Libya to be his personal property. His sons were also forged in the same furnace. Period. And… Continue Reading

African Union at a Loss Over Libya

Analysis by Thandi Winston CAPE TOWN, Mar 22, 2011 (IPS) – On Saturday, the U.S., France and the UK launched attacks on Libya’s air defences and other targets following U.N. Resolution 1973. The three African members of the Security Council… Continue Reading