New Leadership for the ICC

By Robbie Corey-Boulet NAIROBI, May 2011 (IPS) – As the International Criminal Court gears up to elect six judges and a new prosecutor, observers are warning that political rather than merit-based considerations could govern the evaluation of candidates. The nomination… Continue Reading

Water Emerges as a Hidden Weapon

By Simba Russeau CAIRO, May 27, 2011 (IPS) – Libya’s enormous aquatic reserves could potentially become a new weapon of choice if government forces opt to starve coastal cities that heavily rely on free flowing freshwater. With only five percent… Continue Reading

High Time to Democratise IMF

By Julio Godoy IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint PARIS (IDN) – Besides his notoriety as a womanizer and philanderer, former International Monetary Fund’s managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn enjoys a high international professional reputation as an able economist and politician. He won this prestige… Continue Reading

The Republican Short List

Patricio Navia* – Buenos Aires Herald The Republican Party is finally narrowing down its list of presidential candidates that will compete for the party nomination starting with the Iowa caucus of February 6, 2012 and the New Hampshire primaries of… Continue Reading


By Emma Bonino (*) ROME, May (IPS) From Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Europe is being swept by social and political changes so massive that they are calling into question its fundamental principles. Diversity, which has been a positive constant throughout… Continue Reading

In Search of a Lonely Planet

by Tony Wheeler – Newsweek With 6 billion people and counting, our planet is more crowded than ever—but hidden corners still exist. In late 1972, my wife and I had spent six months traveling through Asia when we landed in… Continue Reading

Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion

By Irina Bokova and Jorge Sampaio* UNITED NATIONS, May 20, 2011 (IPS) – All cultures and civilisations contribute to the enrichment of humankind. Human beings must respect one another in all their diversity of belief, culture and language. Differences within… Continue Reading

The secret world of child brides

By Cynthia Gorney – National Geographic Because the wedding was illegal and a secret, except to the invited guests, and because marriage rites in Rajasthan are often conducted late at night, it was well into the afternoon before the three… Continue Reading