Civil Society Crucial to Ban Nuke Testing

By J. C. Suresh IDN-InDepth NewsReport TORONTO (IDN) – Foreign ministers and senior officials from 160 countries have affirmed their commitment to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) that bans all nuclear testing, and agreed to “encourage cooperation with intergovernmental and… Continue Reading

Politics Throws Palestine Under the Bus

Analysis by Jim Lobe* WASHINGTON, Sep 2011 (IPS) – The right-wing government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could not be more pleased. Not only did the allegedly most “anti-Israel” president ever repeat, for the nth time, that “America’s commitment… Continue Reading

Silence on Yemen!

Human Wrongs Watch While very busy covering French president and British prime minister visits to Libya, and talking about the day when Libyan oil will feed again cars and industries, mainstream media has nearly ignored the continuing killings in Yemen… Continue Reading

Torture – a Very British Tradition

By Simon Basketter* The instructions were simple. “Get up you fucking bastard”, “Get up you fucking ape” screamed the soldiers, followed by kicks and punches. Sometimes the blows came from multiple fists and boots. Getting up meant squatting, half leaning… Continue Reading

When medicine becomes poison

By Gunter Pauli (*) PHARMACEUTICALS IN THE WATER SUPPLY BERLIN, Sep (IPS) As water grows scarcer and scarcer, the pressure to recycle it grows more intense, and though this makes good ecological sense, there is an unfortunate drawback: the drinking… Continue Reading

The Bleeding Cure

By PAUL KRUGMAN – NY Times Doctors used to believe that by draining a patient’s blood they could purge the evil “humors” that were thought to cause disease. In reality, of course, all their bloodletting did was make the patient… Continue Reading

Looming in Libya, a murderous peace

Praveen Swami* September 16, 2011. Islamists are likely to be the principal beneficiaries of NATO’s intervention. “100 per cent sick and possessed of the devil,” Egypt’s former President, Anwar al-Sadat, once said of the bizarre, almost unknown colonel who had… Continue Reading

The Lost Arab Generation

Human Wrongs Watch The latest available regional information about labour in the Middle East and North of Africa unveil strongly discouraging facts- youth unemployment rates are among the highest ones in the world, and unemployment rates among young women are… Continue Reading

Crises, Conflict and Intervention: Global Perspectives

By Hardeep Singh Puri* We meet in the midst of several worrying interlocking economic and political developments. To say that the “Arab Spring” has placed existing governance structures in that region under some stress would be an understatement.

The Unimportance of Ex Presidents

Patricio Navia* – Buenos Aires Herald The presence of former President George W. Bush in the memorial held to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks highlights one of the most admirable strengths of American democracy. Former presidents… Continue Reading

War of Words Lost in Translation

Analysis by Jacques N. Couvas ANKARA, Sep 14, 2011 (IPS) – Bellicose dialectic between Turkey and Israel reached a new height last week and has precipitated the deteriorating relationship between the two former allies to new depth. But it is… Continue Reading