Grim lessons from the 30 years war

By Wolfgang M?nchau The financial crisis has given rise to several historical comparisons, not least the Great Depression. I would like to invoke another for the eurozone crisis ? the 30 years war, which ravaged central Europe from 1618 to… Continue Reading

Wanted Policy Change Toward North Korea

By Taro Ichikawa IDN-InDepth NewsReport TOKYO (IDN) – While the ‘Pyongyangologists’ are studying the emerging power equations in North Korea and the mainstream media has been reporting the elaborate state funeral of Kim Jong Il, scant attention has been paid… Continue Reading

AFGHANISTAN: Husband, 60, Wife, 8

By Rebecca Murray KABUL, Dec 29, 2011 (IPS) – Activists voice concern that Afghan women?s rights continue to be marginalised, and nowhere is gender inequality more starkly illustrated than in the country?s flawed justice system. Yasmin?s case is one. Although… Continue Reading

A bad year for American democracy

Patricio Navia* The year 2011 is ending with more negatives than positives for the United States. The economy remains stagnant. Unemployment has barely receded, after millions have given up looking for new jobs. Gridlock in Washington trumped all modest efforts… Continue Reading

Who Was Jesus?

By Johan Galtung* The church was not as overfilled as it used to be for midnight mass on Christmas eve. But the ritual unfolded as it has done for centuries, around John 3:16 ?little bible?, ?For God loved the world… Continue Reading

Exercising the Right to Torture

By Jillian Kestler-D?Amours JERUSALEM, Dec 27, 2011 (IPS) – In a case that has highlighted Israel?s abuse of Palestinian detainees, an Israeli military court recently acquitted a Palestinian man after it became clear that Israeli interrogators used excessive physical and… Continue Reading

The case for moral capitalism

Roger Backhouse and Bradley Bateman Solving the financial crisis rests on facing up to the moral failings that Keynes originally identified ‘To convert the business man into the profiteer is to strike a blow at capitalism ? The business man… Continue Reading

Japan, China Deepen Financial Ties

By TAKASHI NAKAMICHI And LINGLING WEI The Chinese and Japanese governments on Sunday unveiled a broad, innovative package of financial agreements designed to tighten ties between the world’s second- and third-largest economies, moves that could elevate the yuan’s status as… Continue Reading


By Johan Galtung (*) ALFAZ, SPAIN, Dec (IPS) The Arab spring is the third Arab revolt in less than a century. The first, from 1916-18, was against the Ottoman Empire. It was Prussia-Habsburg-Turkey versus England-France-Russia, which promised the Arabs freedom… Continue Reading

South American Trade Group Raises Import Tariffs

By Shane Romig ? WSJ MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay?Members of South America’s Mercosur trade bloc decided at its annual summit Tuesday to slap steep tariffs on a host of cheap imports to shield the region from a slowing global economy.

CHINA: Pollution Real if not Official

By Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore BEIJING, Dec 20, 2011 (IPS) – In a country which houses 21 of the world?s 100 most polluted cities, outcry over official underplaying of pollution is escalating as residents refuse to take government readings of the problem… Continue Reading

Will China Break?

By PAUL KRUGMAN ? The New York Times Consider the following picture: Recent growth has relied on a huge construction boom fueled by surging real estate prices, and exhibiting all the classic signs of a bubble. There was rapid growth… Continue Reading